Madden 13 more ingenuitive on PS Vita than PS3, Xbox 360

Tim Nunes from goes through some of the new, innovative features in the upcoming PlayStation Vita release for Madden NFL '13.

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ddurand12787d ago

itd be cool to be able to use the back screen for back shoulder passes, fades, etc

Xof2787d ago

Ingeniuitive is not the right word. Or even a word. And innovative isn't the right word, either.

Intuitive. You're looking for the word "intuitive." Next time you're trying to remember a word but can't, just ask someone. Ask me. Don't just make something up that "looks about right." That just makes you look incompetent.

rpd1232787d ago

Yeah. It sounds incredibly dumb when you say it and makes me think that no effort went into the article.

optimus2787d ago

I just played the demo and i have to say with only a week left to go, it wouldn't surprise me if they pushed it back another 2 months cause it certainly needs it...

The collision detection is bad, last time i saw graphics barely touch each other and somehow call it a tackle was back in '97...the camera shots on replays are bad as you feel like you need to keep yelling at the guy blocking the actual play to "get out of the way!"

I played the demo on the 360 and no it is NOT "better with kinect" it's actually more frustrating as you tend to call out plays more than once cause your voice only registers when it wants to... And why it would give me a side view for a punt where i couldn't figure out where to aim the ball cause the arrow would only move up and down is beyond me...oh and the game froze after a touchdown.

I can't say how it is for vita but i can only guess that it won't be that much different...

I think this is a step backwards in football games...and yes i know this was just a demo but demos are supposed to entice you to buy the full game and this game failed to do that in a BIG's a shame cause i was looking forward to this one since i haven't bought a football game since the 2k games... I would be surprised if this madden got more than a 6 when the reviews come out.

2787d ago
teedogg802787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I let a couple of guys try this demo at work yesterday on my Vita. It blew their minds! I'll be getting it for sure.

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