Can virtual reality headsets mount a comeback?

Virtual reality headsets could be making a comeback.

The latest attempt at creating a virtual reality headset, The Oculus Rift, launched a Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of August and has already raised over $1,801,331.

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pat_11_52787d ago

I don't think they can. I'd never actually wear a headset to play a game.

camel_toad2786d ago

I think vr headsets are logically the true next major step in interaction - Motion controls being the gap that doesn't quite cut it on its own.

VR tricks your brain enough into actually being in the world you see so much so that it's actually "jarring" for some people.

I would without a doubt buy whatever console came out with it first or buy Carmack's Oculus when it hits consumer-level.

2787d ago
hennessey862787d ago

To my gaming experience ten I will give it a try

iamnsuperman2787d ago

For me not really. I like to have some peripheral vision while playing. It might be just me but having something like this on would freak me out as I would have no idea what is going on around me

Scenarist2787d ago

I would wear it if they do it right....

needs to be comfortable, have NO light bleed , dual 1080p screens or half half (w.e) , have 120hz refresh or 60 60.. whichever works for 3d .... and not make you fatigue too fast
,motion head tracking option to turn on and off for games...and voice control just to name a few

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The story is too old to be commented.