Apple Disappoints with MacBook Air

When Steve Jobs released the MacBook Air at the recent MacWorld Expo, the thin notebook met with varied interest levels. As the weeks have passed, an increased number of problems have been reported. There are concerns that the heat builds up in the notebook and that the computer might automatically shut down one of its CPUs to compensate, causing the system to slow down. There are also issues with lack of compatibility for early 802.11n routers, poor video quality and the necessity of an adapter for the headphone jack. Finally 3G users will find that they can't fit their modems into the tiny USB port designed for the new laptop.

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Le-mo4335d ago

Wow and I was thinking about buying one. Guess not.

wageslave4335d ago

The new slim apple laptop took too many shortcuts. Too few features and far far too much money.

There are many better options. The Toshiba R500 for instance is 1.0 kg, while this is 1.35kg. The R500 is thicker, but it has vastly better performance and more options.

The market is full of better choices int his "ultra portable" segment.

Apple really shait-the-bed with this. Far too little, far to much money.

IntelligentAj4334d ago

100% agreed. It's about time that aesthetics stop trumping performance. Even though technology is getting smaller and smaller how much before you start to sacrifice the essentials?

thedude176554334d ago

listen i understand that due it its light weight and small width that people would want it to be able to carry it around more easily, but to be honest there is nothing that the air has that is helpful other than the slim design. I would rather have a bigger lap top, its not like the other lap tops are so massive that they are not portable, instead of a gimick. That is what it is, stop complain that things won't fit and just carry around 2 more pounds of machine, its not that heavey.

Pain4334d ago

Its a "Blogger" type Mac!!!!!!!

Not a lapTop replacement!!!

Thats Apple's only problem with the way they showed it, they wher not really clear as to "who" an "what"
kind of user its more or less ment for.

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Whoooop4335d ago

They needed to sacrifice a lot of things to make this new thin laptop..

They didn't know costumers and profit were among those things.

Tyrael4335d ago

To quote Will Smith from Men in Black about the noisy cricket:

"I feel like i'm gonna break this thing"

wageslave4334d ago

If they sell this thing, they are not going to sacrifice PROFIT. their customers will sacrifice value, and they will sacrifice their dollars.

Disney--I mean Apple-- will sacrifice nothing.

cjg234335d ago

Curious to see how Apple censors this one.

KILLERAPP4335d ago

Steve Jobs says look at that tree and everyone says wow trees are cool and yes you can have that tree in your house just for 4,000 dollars people die screaming for more wow he really is innovative a pc that is flat but has no features that is just really smart why don’t make a portable house with nothing in it no beds or bathrooms but you can fill it in a manila envelop wow that so cool and smart just like the people who buy it

Kaneda4335d ago

If you want features... buy Macbook pro.. if you want ultra portable then get macbook air... macbook air didn't design to compete with high performance laptop... it is for road warrior.. or students that carry their laptop to school...


Bladestar4335d ago (Edited 4335d ago )

I was wondering how own earth did they managed to fit so much into so little space without having massive heating problems....
I guess I don't have to wonder anymore...

wageslave4334d ago

How did they make it so thin? Take out all the features that are available in every other ultraportable laptop on the market.

The funny thing? Better featured, and less money laptops actually weigh less. they may not be as ting, but they are lighter, with better performance and better features.

Funny that. have a look at the Toshiba R500 for instance.

IntelligentAj4334d ago

In order to get it down to that size you've got to sacrifice something...why not performance

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The story is too old to be commented.