The oxymoron of New Super Mario Bros. 2

The game may be called New Super Mario Bros. 2, but Bitmob Community Writer Alex Gagne argues that there's actually not much "new" to it.

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roblef2789d ago

I've felt this way about Mario games from forever ago.

choadley2788d ago

Yeah I kind of miss the "what will they think of next" feeling of Mario games. At the same time, people always want more...

live2play2788d ago


the NEW in nsmb series does not mean it will have new mechanics, new enemies, new overworlds...
(it would be nice if they did though)

the NEW means mario for the
the new generation of gamers who didnt grow up with mario bros on the snes

reggie said it himself..

super mario bros for the new generation

NEW super mario bros

Xof2788d ago

I think the real problem people have with Mario games has very, very little to do with Mario games. After all, Mario -has- branched out. Quite a lot, actually. Hell, it was only a few years ago that people were calling Super Mario Galaxy the most innovative 3D platformer since Mario 64... invented... 3d platforming.

Sorry, I just had to finish that sentence.


So what is the problem?

Well, I think it's oversaturation. We see all those Mario games and Mario spin-offs, but precious few new IPs in comparison. And then there are the existing Nintendo franchises that already have huge fanbases--the Metroids, the Zeldas--that we're lucky to see once every four or five years... and the disparity is even worse.

If Nintendo put out half as many Zelda and Metroid games as Mario games, few people would be complaining. Well, fewER.

wita2787d ago

A lot of Nintendo games are like this.