State of Decay - First Official Gameplay Trailer

Class3 has received a name and its first official trailer.

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Bluemaster772784d ago

It's like the Original Alan Wake concept with zombies and multi-player support looks cool.

Wingsfan242784d ago

It's actually Only Single Player, Class4 will have multiplayer.

Gildarts2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

I was going to say the graphics look crap and then i saw it was an Xbox live arcade game.

so this will be the first MMO(CLass4) the Xbox had in years and its a lot more likely since this is Microsoft IP. I hope it retains the free-running aspect of it, I can imagine that as you play you will get better at it and be able to jump fences and stuff a lot more fluidly.

nofallouthero2784d ago

cant wait maybe we will see survival in games again

Dougz_G2784d ago

can't wait!!! all these zombie games that are coming out look amazing, WarZ, DayZ and this. bring em on!

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