Escape Plan On PS Vita Coming To Retail On September 25th?

Escape Plan released on the PlayStation Network when the PlayStation Vita launched earlier this year and it looks like it may be coming to retail stores.

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GribbleGrunger3161d ago

Well if it is and it's coming out on the 25th, that would be one MAJOR cock up from Sony. Why on earth would they want to compete against LBPVita?

BringingTheThunder3161d ago

i dont even understand your first sentence.

and it wouldnt be competing, more coinciding

Relientk773161d ago

Sweet more Vita games


TrendyGamers3161d ago

It'll help the game get more sales, that's for sure.

Anon19743161d ago

Wait! What's this? I was just pissing and moaning about no Vita games that interested me in another thread. This looks like it might be up my alley. Need to investigate further...

Dante1123161d ago

All that matters to me. More games for the PS Vita.

MattyG3161d ago

Throw in platinum trophy and you've got yourself a deal!

Skate-AK3161d ago

I think all retail games are required at have a Platinum.

MattyG3160d ago

I don't think Touch my Katamari had one.

rpd1233161d ago

I got Escape Plan for free with my Vita ;)

FriedGoat3161d ago

I got wipeout free with my 3G

rpd1233160d ago

You bastard. Wipeout is awesome.

jeeves863161d ago

Escape Plan is a fun little game. Very addicting, too.

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