SSX Patch 3.5 Out Today, Brings Awesome Tweaks

SSX received a new update today, adding some exciting new features to the game.

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willie322786d ago

I fired this game up for the first time in months. I was very impressed with the multiplayer additions and can't stop playing the game. Now they are releasing even more!!! This game has turned out to be a sleeper hit for me.

GamersXTREME2786d ago

So far, out of all the games that have been released this year, this is the only game I pop back in daily. EA Canada did an outstanding job bringing this series back and love the amount of support they keep providing it. Very much like how Criterion Games provided a ton of support for Burnout Paradise, EA Canada seems to be following that trend with SSX.

willie322786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I have been playing this game for a couple weeks straight. I can't believe how good the updates have been so far.