KickBeat Hands-On: It’s All in the Mind | PS Blog

Sid Shuman writes: The colorful visuals look crisp and detailed on PS Vita’s OLED screen, while the game blazes along at a non-stop 60 frames per second — critical for a rhythm-centric title. Once I went hands-on with the game, I quickly realized why developer Zen Studios opted for hand-drawn fighting animation rather than a motion-captured martial artist: the fighting here was fast, fluid, and flawlessly responsive.

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r212780d ago

Rhythm games sure do love the vita. Sound Shapes, Kick Beat, Army Corps of Hell, Lumines Electric Symphony. Despite all the sort of music games coming to it, there still isnt that free music app :L
Anyways, looking forward to adding this to my list of vita games.

Dir_en_grey2780d ago

Vita games needs to come out faster.
Just release the games and take my money already...

MasterCornholio2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

The 3DS had an embarrassing start when it comes to games during the first 6 months of its life which is why you should be thankful that Sony didn't pull a Nintendo with their customers. This holiday season a lot of good games are coming out for the Vita and i can assure that the wait will be worth it. Hopefully once sales start to pick up for the Vita the handheld will receive more support from developers.

P.S I apologize for hurting the feelings of any sensitive person with my comment.