Review: Legasista [Press2Reset]

Dungeon crawling and customization come first in NIS's new PSN title. And while it may not be entry level material, Nate insists that it has some great points.

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acidbrn2789d ago

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a bit biased when it come to games developed by NIS. I love every game they put out, and while they may not always be the greatest games, I'm glad they have been able to continue moving forward when many other companies have been faltering.

I have a soft spot JRPG's, so I'll be picking this game up if only to support them.

Xof2788d ago

The benefit of a low budget and relatively short development time. They're making more money off a handful of middling-rated titles than many companies make off of AAA attempts because they have such a low overhead.

belac092788d ago

nis is one of the last great devs out there.

Lirky2788d ago

No Atlus and Level-5 are also amazing rpg devs. Nis is also amazing

acidbrn2787d ago

Atlus and Level 5 are both great devs. There is still some great talent out there, but they seem to be getting crowded out faster every day.

GribbleGrunger2788d ago

I've got a feeling the average score is going to be higher than this.