10 Video Game Douchebags You Can’t Help But Love

WC writes: There have been many colossal douchebags in gaming that were either the main protagonist, or they were a villain that we eventually developed a soft spot for. I’ve gone back through my gaming career to bring you just ten such occurrences.

So get your douche coat on, it’s about to get wet up in here.

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jony_dols2776d ago

No Cole Train? That guy's the most lovable douche in gaming!

2775d ago
jeenyus2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

11 pages to see them. Ugh... the greed. Got bored after page 2.

iamnsuperman2775d ago

Some of these descriptions for why X "is a douche" are a bit of a stretch. Some on them I wouldn't class as a "douche" but never mind.

Drake is a big douche bag (well mainly in the third) where is pride and selfishness almost gets his friends killed.

brettyd2775d ago

I don't think Drake is a douche neither is John Marston. I know a douche when I see one, they ain't douche bags.

SageHonor2775d ago

Sorry not clicking through all those pages.

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