Unintimidated By Apple, Nintendo’s Boss Says The World Still Needs Dedicated Gaming Handhelds

Stephen Totilo:

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata can tell you when Nintendo would stop making its own handheld systems. He can tell you, hypothetically, when a line of machines that has gone from Game Boy to DS to 3DS would end and Nintendo's games would appear on the hardware made by other companies instead.

Last week in San Francisco, he told me when that could happen. (Hint: do not hold your breath.)

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darthv722781d ago

It is far easier to buy my kids a gaming handheld than constantly having to ask them to give me back my phone.

The handhelds can be viewed as disposable where as a smartphone or tablet...not so much.

live2play2781d ago

I think within games you have two needs that people fill. One is the time-filler need. The other is that it's a very important time for me and I want to have a rich experience. Those are two separate needs, I think.


tehpees32781d ago

Handhelds are definitely more suitable for people looking for true game experiences on the go. Mobiles aren't even used as primary game devices for those that use them. They come second.

AWBrawler2780d ago

exactly i only game on my iphone when my 3DS is dead and I'm away from home, or on the toilet tossing birds at green pigs

asmith23062781d ago

The world needs dedicated gaming handhelds? I fully agree!

live2play2781d ago

As of last week, 3DS sales in Japan reached seven million, and that's the 77th week post-launch. If we look at DS and DS Lite which people were saying, ‘oh my gosh this thing is selling like hotcakes, it's crazy!' it reached the seven million mark at week 72. And for the Nintendo DS that was two Christmases. For the 3DS it's only been one Christmas. And we also had a large earthquake in Japan. And of course now there's a smartphone boom in Japan, we're right in the middle of it.


tachy0n2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

android you should say, it is eating away apple marketshare...

fatstarr2781d ago

Android users dont continually buy games for a mobile os
every game is usually free
and gets a 10hour or less playtime.
and isnt taken seriously at all gaming wise.

causal gaming is taken seriously more on ios because they buy games and they are the biggest suckers on the market. and they take the games very serious.

WilliamH2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Some games work very well on iDevices such as Fruit Ninja, Bejeweled & Temple Run but they're all throwaway 5 minute pleasers. There is more enjoyment to be had on a handful of 3ds games than what exists on the entire App Store or Google Play.

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The story is too old to be commented.