Xbox 720: Top Things We Would Want (And Not Want) To See In Microsoft's Next Gaming Console

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft is hard at work on the next generation Xbox codenamed Durango, and known to many as the Xbox 720. There are so any rumors circulating at this point about the specifications of the device, that makes you wonder if there is a factory where Xbox 720 rumors are churned out on a daily basis. Putting all the rumors aside, we are going to dig into our minds and fetch features we would definitely like to see in the Xbox 720, features that could allow Microsoft to retain its lead over the competition."

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

New Ip's and hardcore games.
Free multiplayer.

To much to ask?

If they give me that I am sold.

GUNS N SWORDS2775d ago

I would add using 3rd party PC HDDs to that list, as well as playing pc games. for one, PC HDDs are much cheaper than that proprietary crap, and second the Xbox has a little more than a few good titles. being able to play pc games should boost that weak spot MS has for exclusives.

decrypt2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

@guns n Swords

So you want MS to take a hit on the hardware they sell, then u want them to give you the option to play PC games so that cancels out all their revenues from 3rd party games (since PC versions are cheaper) and lastly u want them to give you PC HDD compatibility lol. So how is MS going to make money?

Looks to me like you want a PC where the hardware maker takes a hit, yet you get all the benefits of PC gaming lol. Good luck with that.

Console business doesnt work that way. They sell the hardware at a loss so they can create a user base fast. Then they sell everything else expensive be it games, accessories MS even charges to go online. Hence there is no way a console maker can give up on all those things after selling hardware at a loss.

GUNS N SWORDS2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

@ decrypt

i see your point.

but if you think about it, the costs would be more profitable for Microsoft if they stick with using pc tech. and be able to use the devices that pc uses.

most people these days have lots of means of storage, wouldn't it be expensive for Microsoft to pay extra to include a 400 or 500 gb HDD for the next console?

why not both parties involved save on some of the costs of paying for things like that. if the next xbox could use a pc hard drive, then think of the future of expansions in storage sizes it would have access to. and the cost on saving Microsoft on not making more SKUs with extra space.

share parts to save money, on buying them.

doogiebear2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

NO MORE KINECT (Or at least dedicate a separate team to handle it, it's marketing, etc).

I know that it probably could be someting special if they made an updated version, but the problem is Microsofts reliance on the AUDIENCE that it attracts via Kinect. They rely solely on them, and completely ignored the core gamers.

Sony on the other hand, has more pride then that, and focuses on the core (despite releasing the PS Move).

I honestly hope that M$ supports REAL gaming again--because with MS and Nintendo selling out their fans for casuals, that only leaves Sony--and that scares me because we need more competition. If Sony one day sells it's soul to the casuals, then who is gonna be left to step in? Wake up MS and Nintendo, before your precious casual market walks out on you too due to their lack of interest in gaming (long term). Because your previously loyal fans are already jumping ship and looking elsewhere.

BitbyDeath2775d ago

Who would disagree with that!?
Lol N4G you so crazy

JBSleek2775d ago

1. Blu-ray - Makes sense.

2. Downloadable Games - Makes sense.

3. Xbox Live Multiplayer for All - Now that is controversial but I agree to an extent make silver members have basic online functions and be able to play but paid Live stays.

4. Kinect 2.0 Bundled With Every Xbox 720- Seems like a wasted added cost just sell it day one alone and those who want it bundled there will be one but having every Xbox having it is kinda tough but it could work.

5. Gesture controls - Well they have those now.

6. Better Looking Xbox Live - Subjective and it is very Windows 8 esque so don't hold your breath on a drastic change.

7. More Power - Obviously it will. Wii-U power isn't necessarily bad. The paradox is games want bleeding edge technology yet aren't willing to pay that as we already seen so there must be a balance.

8. No 3D - Agreed. 4% penetration with glasses needed. 3D isn't ready for mainstream quite yet.

ziggurcat2775d ago

stopped reading after this stupidity:

"We're not asking for Xbox Live to be free here, it would probably be just as problematic as the PlayStation Network that is so prone to hacking and an overall bad experience."

yesmynameissumo2775d ago

Yeah, that's a crock of shit and obviously written by someone who doesn't have a SEN account or play on PSN. But when you have to pay to use the Internet twice, you'll grasp at anything.

doogiebear2775d ago

Yeah, PSN has had several attempts at being hacked since they've upgraded, and not ONE time has anyone gotten through. PSN is just as solid as Live, plus we dont have to pay for online just to watch stuff like netflix, hulu, etc when we already have access to those on our PC's).

HebrewHammer2775d ago

Go Blu-ray!

Remember when they said it was too much?

Nexgensensation2775d ago

But for the gold membership, xbl needs to offer features that's worth 50-80$ a month.

for instance if nexgen xbl can really replace cable or anything entertainment wise in the living room. then its worth it.

after that its gaining control on both casual and hardcore market.

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