Sleeping Dogs conquers UK sales chart

Crime drama Sleeping Dogs awoke to meaty sales in the UK last week, sinking its teeth into first place. Chart-Track notes the game, developed by United Front Games and published by Square Enix, has become "the sixth best selling game on first week sales in 2012."

The other major debut last week was the 3DS's New Super Mario Bros 2, which flew in at second place. Although it may seem awkward for a major Mario to launch in second, New Super Mario Bros also started its life in second place back in 2006. The game is sure to have a long (raccoon) tail.

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SnakeCQC2778d ago

doesn't that say a lot about activisions knowledge about gaming and what gamers want!

first1NFANTRY2778d ago

very true, i stopped buying their games after CoD4. Sleeping Dogs has so much going for it. I think United Front have a great new IP on their hands. I mean they could practically make a Sleeping Dogs games based on each country and explore their cultures.

tigertron2778d ago

The only Activision game I bought since COD4 was Transformers WFC. FOC will be my next when I'm done with Sleeping Dogs.

EVILDEAD3602778d ago w-w-wait..because Sleeping dogs went #1 in the are REALLY going to claim that Activision doesn't know what gamer's want?

No matter if all 3 of you EVER buy another Acivision game..take a look at the top 5 selling games on either the PS3 or gthe 360 and tell me what you see.

If you look at ANY online chart right now as to what millions and millions of gamers play online RIGHT now..tell me what you see.

It's awesome that Sleeping Dogs picked up the good buzz that some amazing titles NEVER get and is getting the acclaim it's getting.

But, c'mon are we really going to pretend Activision made the worst decision


Reborn2778d ago

It was one of their worst decision. Instead of them pursuing new IPs, they tend to stick to what sells. When it dries up, they close/kill the studio, and begin milking another title.

It was a fantastic chance for Acti to establish a new IP. However, I'm happy they lost it. Good luck to United.


I remember reading an article a while back about activision not wanting to make a modern call of duty game, so much so that they actually went out and did some so called "market research" to try and proove to IW that a modern shooter would not sell.

IW had to really push and push hard to get Acti to agree with doing cod4.. the rest they say is history.

The funny thing is now acti seem to think that unless a game is cod or cod clone it's not going to sell.. ya it does show how little they know.