Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Launch Trailer & Zombie Mod

Valve's new title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive now has an official launch trailer.

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PygmelionHunter2779d ago

Oh my gawd! Zombie Mod? YES PLEASE!

ZombieKiller2779d ago

s are those Zombie mods and source film maker on PS3?! I have a rezz-erection

ExCest2779d ago

Zombie's should be on consoles but SFM will probably not. Besides, it's only in beta form.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2779d ago

The reason Valve removed cross platform is so they can quickly update pc version & there will be so many mods that having sony approve all of them would be insane.

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YourFlyness2779d ago

@Moncole Unreal Tournament had mods on PS3

pandehz2779d ago


guitarded772779d ago

Yeah, zombies have been about milked out this gen.

Waiting for CS:GO to finish downloading. Just picked up a HORI T.A.C.3 mouse/keypad set-up for the PS3. I figure CS:GO will be a good way to test it out.

Dojan1232779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Let us know how the K/M work for PS3.

guitarded772779d ago

@ Dojan123

It works excellent... takes some getting used to because I'm a controller guy, but I got it for $20 while Best Buy had their sale. I've played a few games with it on PS3 including Unreal Tournament, CoD:MW3 and CS:GO just to try it out. Using the mouse to aim is really unfair for controller users... I'm still a noob using the keypad to control my character, but after about an hour I was getting pretty good. Even with my poor keypad skills, aiming with the mouse made up for it. It's so damn fast. I also noticed frame rate issues, which I had never noticed before. Don't know if it's subliminal or what. Anyway, if you can use a keypad and mouse, you'll have a clear advantage when playing on console. It is however more cumbersome to be strapped to a desk as opposed to kicking back and using a controller. The build quality is great and you can remap button layouts. Hope that helps.

shackdaddy2779d ago

CS zombie mod is really fun though. Probably the funnest zombie gameplay for me personally. I really hope the modding community makes everything that source had...

AnotherProGamer2779d ago

no one said you have to play it

also how many games do we have that we are shooting Arabs?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

You do realize it makes sense since counter strike 1.6 had zombies way before the zombie crazy!


The best part is if you get infected you become a zombie.

Ben_Grimm2779d ago

It should be rabid grannies!

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Minato-Namikaze2779d ago

Is the mod for ps3 as well?

HebrewHammer2779d ago

Nope, but I've been playing it on PS3 - turn that sensitivity up and it's so damn fun.

ExPresident2779d ago

I'm gonna assume PS3/XBox will enjoy these mods as well, atleast I'll keep my fingers crossed.

ExCest2779d ago

I thought it's been established that although it would be awesome, it's also impossible since Sony and MS don't want any tinkering.

ExPresident2779d ago

Unreal Tournament offered limited mods on the PS3 to my knowledge. And considering the cross play in Portal 2 and with Dust 514 and Eve Online I'd say Sony is MUCH more likely to do it then MS, so I have to disagree with you.

Especially if the mods are made by Valve, such as this apparent Zombie mod. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony denied user mods but mods from Valve should be easy to include.

Soldierone2779d ago

@Above all you had to do with unreal tournament 3 was save the mods to a thumb drive and transfer it over in the game. It worked perfectly fine.....

Dont see why Valve can't do the same.

ExCest2779d ago

@^ go figure. If I recall, there was a reason. If I'm correct, you have to copy over files on PC. (that's so not allowed on consoles)I've done it before on PC but I haven't in a while. Enlighten me.

shackdaddy2779d ago

I'm gonna wait a bit to buy this. I love CS like crazy, but I want to wait till the mods build up. Then maybe I can get it when a deal comes out...

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