Sony calls on the High Street to boost PlayStation Plus

The High Street has been called in to help Sony ramp up subscribers to its PlayStation Plus service.

The platform holder has today (August 17th) launched new one-year (£39.99) and 90-day (£11.99) subscription cards into specialists stores, and is set to embark on a ‘really big’ marketing and PR push for the service.

The news follows Sony's Gamescom announcement that PlayStation Plus will be coming to Vita.

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Soldierone2783d ago

PlayStation Plus has been "coming" to Vita for a while....3 month subscriptions are ending, and Sony has failed to do anything to "wow" NEW subscribers. I know I know, you've been a subscriber and its amazing FOR YOU, but the whole E3 deal was to get NEW people on-board.

Other than the E3 update, the NA region has failed epicly in terms of content and SALES (not just free stuff, I wanted to buy things) It's constantly "wait for the next update" when someone complains too. NO, just fix it and I'll come back....

A quality update here and there doesn't warrant it. Heck even Sound Shapes was a very limited sale, I went to buy it and it was already too went back to full price. The early Counter Strike 'demo" never happened either....You can't just sit there and praise them for PS Plus if you want it to improve, you have to tell them whats wrong and what you want MORE of.

Ron_Danger2783d ago

You do know that when they post a 1 week only sale, that once those 7 days are up, the sale ends

InTheLab2783d ago

I'll get back to you once I'm done with The Walking Dead but before I go, it would be nice to specifically point out what you don't like about PS+.

The 2 complaints I see are an issue with Valve and YOU missing out on a deal...

youndamie2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Dont forget the access to game trials/Betas. I'm playing Dust 514 right now

fei-hung2783d ago

Yes ofcourse, forget the dozens of free games, minis, psn games, themes and amazing discounts.

It is all about 1 game and you not being late for a deal.

I think you are better of without PS+ and for that matter any free, cheap and sale content as unfortunately sll these offers in the real world are only temp!

Soldierone2783d ago

Fanboys need to learn how to read ENTIRE comments for once.

Where was all that the past 3 months? Yeah it DID have tons of free themes and so on, but now its all the same themes we have had for a while and nothing new. We got some pretty lame avatars lately, thats about it. Hardly any discounts worth noting, and I'm sorry but PS Mini's SUCK, I rather just go play on my phone.

And fine, ill stick with "real world" offers, because guess what? I don't have to pay for that. I guess Steam is part of this "real world" too?

Go ahead and read my comment history, its all about PS3 and I'm a fan of the service (PSN) but I'm not going to sit around and kiss their arse and say "okay I'll keep paying just because you said NEXT time will be better"

I don't see why all the PS Plus fanboys have to go around assaulting anyone and everyone that says the service isn't godly like they want to believe?

Honestly? I didn't say the service sucked and made that clear several times in my comment, yet look at disagrees and the replies above(including you), is that necessary? I'm stupid just because I want the service TO BE BETTER?

homer2783d ago

To be fair, the games they gave us for July suck and only the walking dead is memorable in August yet they took off one of the retail games while Europe has been blessed with Red Dead Redemption and Deus Ex...yeah. NA PS Plus sucks. I will commend them for getting me into the walking dead though.

JAM_brz2783d ago

I love PS+. For me its one of the most valuable things in the PS3. But I have to agree with you. There´s too much fanboys that just don´t know to read an opinion contrary to what they think and they will instantly push the button disagree. It´s sad!

FunAndGun2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Some months are better then others. Not every single month is going to be the best month ever.

If you would add up everything gained over the year, it is definitely worth the price of admission.

In the past three months we have still gotten MORE content then how the old Plus was set up. yes, we haven't gotten any Minis or PSones since this new program, but we ARE getting full PS3 games and multiple PSN games per month.

It seems like you just got the 3-month sub blues because it is ending for you and apparently 12 games in your instant collection is not enough for you over a 3 month period.

How a new subscriber would not be happy with 12 games, with them being rotated, and them being full PS3 and PSN games is beyond me.

I just think your expectations are too high. They had the PLAY promo, all new games, all with discounts. Most new games have been coming with discounts as well.

HOW would you like it better??

LAZL0-Panaflex2783d ago

Yeah,..10 of the 12 games are retarded. The discounts you speak of are fourteen cents off select avatars, and $2 off limbo........the dots represent my disappointment and sarcasm.......mainly sarcasm.

A word to the goofy ....stop worshiping sony and obama.

LAZL0-Panaflex2783d ago

Plus blows. I aint renewing. I already beat infamous 2 before i subscribed, and yes it was a great game. Yes walking dead is awesome. No value in plus,....only good if they include a map pack allowance, cross game chat, and updated dash. Streaming with gaikai would bring in everyone.

But as of now plus .......BAALLLLLLLLOOoOOOoOoOzz zzzzzzzzz!!!!

I know i upset a small percentage of people with my statements and my response to that would have to be.....sweet.

BrutallyBlunt2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )


That's why you need to READ about the sales. I too missed out on a sale before but that was my fault for not getting it right away. Speaking of Counter Strike and the demo, now's your chance to buy it on sale. I expect a welcome in return.

As for feedback there is feedback both positive and negative and chances are that feedback is likely to be heard more on the official forums, not here. They have already increased the amount of free games from 2 to 3 per month and that was from feedback of what Plus members liked about the service. It's just not going to work, especially if companies like Activision decide to strip away features and keep the good stuff for premium members. Why be a XBOX Live Gold member then? If the main service is free on Nintendo Network, SEN and Steam then that's different. Then you can ask the consumer to pay extra to gain extra features, but if all XBOX Live does is grant you online access then that becomes a problem. These publishers like EA and Activision aren't stupid, they know they can get the fees directly and Microsoft with their hand out for a monthly fee now looks rather desperate.

BrutallyBlunt2782d ago


The middle of the second paragraph and on is actually from another topic, I must have copied it here.

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r1sh122783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

To be fair, how many people are going to pay for something that is free?
Yes you do get the little extras (which are great) but how many people want them?
If a person (like me) has signed up to PSN/SEN to play online as its primary function, why would I want to pay for it? I have no use for the extra free DLC etc, so I would not bother to pay for the premium service.

I do however pay for XBL (Until recently, havent renewed since I dont have as much time to game online) - But its mandatory to get online, I dont have a choice but to purchase XBL gold to play online.

PSN - Free goes a long way.

KwietStorm2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"If a person (like me) has signed up to PSN/SEN to play online as its primary function, why would I want to pay for it? I have no use for the extra free DLC etc, so I would not bother to pay for the premium service."

Well firstly, you're not paying for PSN. PS Plus is not even the same thing as connecting online, its a service that run alongside it. If you don't want free games, discounts, online storage with the ability to backup copy protected saves, betas, free avatars and themes, and free DLC as you said, then yea I guess it isn't for you. But you're using the wrong argument, especially when you go on to say you pay for XBL.

BrutallyBlunt2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I think what he's/she's saying is that because you have to pay for XBOX Live it's a different situation as opposed to paying for PSN or Plus. That is why it would be very difficult for Sony to make it a paid service now. I do hope the Playstation 4 also has a free service but i expect the big push will be towards the premuium service.

Microsoft should do away from the mandatory fee. What's likely to happen is more games like Battlefield and Call of Duty will have premium services which will make things convoluted. Halo and Gears will have premium services too like Uncharted where gamers can pre-purchase DLC. This becomes a bigger issue for XBOX Live members because now you're adding layers on top of already paying just to play online.

I like options and i don't like being forced to have a bundle where i get Hulu Plus and Netflix and ESPN thrown at me when all i want is to play games against others. People are just accustomed to paying for Live because they have to, but as games become more and more dependant on accessesing online features consumers will end up not supporting this concept. Which is paying $60 for a game that also need online access and then Live fees as well, then another fee to have Call of Duty premium features and things of that nature.

Hicken2783d ago

... you do realize that paying for Plus isn't paying for PSN, right? It's not a comparison to paying for Live.

What you pay for are the games and discounts, the cloud saves and automatic updates. You're paying for extras ON TOP of PSN, not just the online service, itself.

That first question you asked should be one you ask yourself: you're paying for online connectivity on your 360, all the while acknowledging how it's free on PS3.

fei-hung2783d ago

To be fair you are talking on a subject u seem to know nothing off.

As mentioned already, PS+ is not for free mp. PS+ is for:

* online game saves
* extra discounts
* free themes
* free apps
* free minis
* free psn games
* free full ps3 games like Darksiders, Deus EX HR, LBP2, Virtua Fighter 5 and many many more.

Baka-akaB2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I'm not sure i get you

You get PSN+ for extra and freebies .

"I have no use for the extra free DLC etc"

Then you do not get PSN+ , simple . None of its content is even exclusive to the psn+ system , only cheaper , free or release earlier , and a few none essential services . Wich is a good thing imo

r1sh122783d ago

Yea, sorry wasnt clear.
I know PSN is free and PSN+ has all the extra features, but if I only game online and nothing else I do not require the extra features provided by PSN+ like the cloud saving, the DLC, mini games, discounts etc..
I dont need them, I just play online every now and then,

GribbleGrunger2783d ago

Wait a moment. Have you deliberately missed something out there? You don't require 'extra features, cloud saving, DLC, Mini games or discounts'?

You then go on to mention you only play onine. You seem to have missed 'you don't want FULL games' as many many people have already pointed out. You can play those FULL games online. Perhaps that's why you missed it out?

BitbyDeath2783d ago

You do realise that PS+ gives you new games you could go online to play with? Eg. Red Dead Redemption which comes out free next month is a game which has online.

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sway_z2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I'm in no way implying this is a bad thing...but! (always a big but and a smile) this seems like the beginning of something more articulated...

My point is, publishers lose between £5-£10 at retail per disc...they would rather lessen that amount or keep that within the profit margin...

With that in mind, I can see full games being purchased (for those without Credit/Debit Cards) like PSN/LIVE cards one day, that in addition to downloading off the network direct.

There may soon be a future where little or no physical copies will be sold at retail...just codes

Theoretically, we may soon be able to procure our games at convenient stores, Gas Stations Ect

*Within the next 5-6 years maybe?

Maybe PSN+ Cards are a testing ground to lure the public into digital mental conditioning by stealth.

Just a thought....

frjoethesecond2783d ago

Anyone know when the patch for the cloud storage upgrade and vita support are coming?

Ron_Danger2783d ago

It's not a patch since its a service... But to answer your question, mid September our cloud storage gets upped to 1 gig and the vita already has a few PS+ deals, they just don't have a specific PS+ section like in the PS3 store. If you just browse through the vita store you'll see a few items with the yellow plus logo next to them

Ben_Grimm2783d ago

Hmmm, this might intice me to pick up a Plus subcription.

I already pay $40 bux for Live if I can pay the same or less for PS+ then I would.

But is this only available over seas?

youndamie2783d ago

Yea Europe gets the best stuff compared to NA

Ben_Grimm2783d ago

Then I guess I won't get it.

youndamie2783d ago

@Ben_Grimm but NA still gets good stuff too im playing Dust 514 Beta right now because of plus. There is also The walking Dead, Outland, Bloodrayne, Renegade Ops, Pac-Man DX, Infamous 2, LBP2, Ratchet All 4 One, Saints Row 2, Warhammer 40,000, Choplifter, and Sideway NY, Plus you get 3 games every month. 49.99 for a year= 12 more games plus the aforementioned games. If your not sure just try the 17.99 3 month version.

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