Source: Nintendo Power magazine to cease publication

Rumor has it that Nintendo Power magazine is shutting down soon. Sad news for fans of the long running (24 years) magazine.


UPDATE: Nintendo Power may go digital to survive. Future Publishing is said to not be ruling it out yet. There is a still a chance for rescue for the Nintendo magazine.

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browngamer412787d ago

Well that's some sh*tty news right there..

WildStyles2787d ago

EGM, Game Pro, and now Nintendo Power. A part of our childhood is officially killed off. R.I.P.

camel_toad2787d ago

Yep when I was a kid and the internet still wasn't in the publics hands I would wait for the postal truck everyday for my game magazines like Nintendo Power. The good old days.

We all love the internet super highway interweb but even as useful as it is I think it may eventually do more harm than good, before we even realize it.

yabhero2787d ago

Funeral for Nintendo Power:
Closest Friend: I blame the Internet! *weeps*
On Tombstone:
Here lies Nintendo Power who died on the super information highway.

mrbojingles2787d ago

I'm going to miss NP so much. Wish it didn't have to end this way.

Freakazoid20122787d ago

Had to happen sooner or later. The internet is where gamers go for news now.

If something is announced today, do you want to hear about it today or 4 weeks from now when the mag arrives in the mail?

Hell even Nintendo used their own website and other sites for announcements and never really gave any secrets to NP for them to reveal. Sure they had small things but things like 3DS and Wii U were not announced in NP.

DarkTower8052787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Sad but true. There was something special about going to the store, running to the magazine section to find the latest news, cheat codes, etc. I still remember my first N Power magazine with The Legend of Zelda map. That thing got used so much it fell apart lol.

Freakazoid20122787d ago

Yeah I still have a ton of issues from when I was a kid but they all saw a lot use back then. I think my Zelda map ended up in 3 pieces it got used so much..

Good times that we will never see the likes of again. Just glad I have the memories to fall back in

BX812787d ago

Hells yeah. My first nin mag as well.

Ben_Grimm2787d ago

I remember getting the first issue of Nintendo Power. What I loved most about were the full maps for their 2D side scrolling games.

To this day I remember using them to finish Strider and the first TMNT.

Agent_00_Revan2786d ago

I remember getting issue 19 when I was very young and have every issue since. I even tracked down the back issues I was missing. It's amazing seeing every issue on my shelves.

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The story is too old to be commented.