Darksiders 2 All 23 Boss Fights Video Compilation

Hakoom writes:
Darksiders 2 takes Death through a journey of epic proportions, where he’s met with foes who attempt to hinder his progress. Among these foes are a slew of bosses some of gargantuan size, and some no bigger than Death himself. Feeling immensely generous (and awesome, ;p), I decided to compile all 23 Boss fights into a video! So sit back…relax…and watch Death kick some ASS!

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ApolloTheBoss2787d ago

Way to spoil how many bosses are in the game for those who haven't played it yet. Asshole.

Hakoom2787d ago

i did not spoil anything..
how can a number of bosses spoil? ~_~ lol
all boss names are below the *spoiler* bar it says spoilers...

Raf1k12787d ago iB7p0#t=1m21s

jagstatboy2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Gonna resist the urge to look further. I don't want to be spoiled!

ApolloTheBoss2787d ago

OK I apologize. But I'd rather not know how many bosses are in the game. I like to go in a game blind.

Hakoom2787d ago

no problem but its like saying.. tekken tag 2 wil have 50 players.. omg u spoiled it !!!! lol
just dont wory i dont think you will count the boses as u play ;>

Rhezin2787d ago

God this game looks so sick. I love the blue accent that Death has. Gives it a moody dark flavor without being too hellish.