World of Warcraft’s Top 10 Addons for Healers

Are you gearing up for Mists of Pandaria? Rant Gaming's Kaylith brings her top ten recommended addons for healers to the table in today's blog post. Did your favorite addon make the cut? Check the list and find out!

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Snookies122779d ago

Healium is hands down win for me lol.

TitanUp2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

seems like Healium would take the fun out of the game. surely you would want to play yourself? making mistakes and realizing you used the wrong heal would make you an over all better player.

DeeBee2778d ago

So, only 3 of the 10 listed have anything to do with being for healers specifically. AND they even forgot to list the best mod for healers ... Healbot.

Kaylith2778d ago

Healbot is in no way the best addon for healers. The 'best' addon is highly situational depending on your class and playstyle.

Upon looking at the list again, I should have thrown Decursive on there, too. Win some, lose some.