When the Smallest Details Make All the Difference

The G.A.M.E.S. Blog writes: "While most games try to dazzle with loud, exciting moments, its important to recognize how the details can have a huge impact on a game’s experience."

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TheLiztress2783d ago

Very nice article. One of my favorite details mentioned is the holding hands of Ico and Yorda. It might be overlooked as just something put in the game to make it easier for him to lead the girl. But I think it also shows the compassion he has for another being who is in need.

MHenderson2783d ago

See, I complete agree. For example, in Fallout, they had to fill out rooms just so they didn't look ridiculously empty. Instead of just throwing stuff in, though, they'd tell a story. You'd see a skeleton leaning against a bed with a suitcase full of money, holding a shotgun. There was a motorcycle laying sideways on the ground and a headless skeleton nearby, with a ramp that passed under a ceiling fan. Tiny details make all the difference.

2783d ago
3-4-52783d ago

It's the one thing that is missing from most games these days, and it's the stuff sometimes overlooked in most good games.

Too me, the smaller details mean much more to me and enhance the game play much more than any one big change.

glennco2782d ago

these are the type of games that stand out for me over the years. when effort is put into things that may or may not be noticed and don't affect gameplay.