New DVD format

The format war around next generation DVDs may be over before it has begun, thanks to a breakthrough from a British media technology company.

Britain-based New Medium Enterprises (NME) said on Tuesday it had solved a technical production problem that makes it possible to produce a cheap multiple-layer DVD disk containing one film in different, competing formats.
"Current technologies to create multiple layer disks mostly don't work. We've created a technology for mass production of multiple layers that does not suffer from the well known problem of low yields," said NME Chief Technology Officer Eugene Levich.
A low yield means that many DVDs coming off the manufacturing lines are not working and have to be discarded.
The production costs of a multi-layer DVD using the new NME technology are estimated to be around 9 cents, compared with the 6 cents for a standard single-layer play-back DVD, according to Dutch company ODMS, one of the world's leading makers of production lines for optical disks.
This 50 percent cost increase compares favorably with the current generation of multi-layer recordable DVD disks which cost 3 to 5 times as much to produce than a single layer disk, due to low yields.
The technological breakthrough comes one week after three employees at movie studio Warner Bros. filed a patent for the application of multiple formats on a single DVD disc.
"There's no collision between Warner and us. They patent the application, we are patenting the technology. These are complementary patents. I'm glad it's happened. Warner opened our eyes, because it shows they really want to do this and create multi-format, multi-layer disks," Levich said.
Time Warner is the world's largest media company and owns Warner Bros. Former Warner Home Video President James Cardwell joined NME as a board member last month...

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FeralPhoenix5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

So let me see if I'm understanding this correctly, this company basicly has figured out how to produce high yeilds of multi-layer DVD's that can hold HD movie content for only 3 cents more than single-layer DVDs....and production will begin in "early 2007".//// Will they play on current DVD players, BD & HD DVD players? yeah, I'm confused.

NightVision5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

Yeah for the most part you are correct. They can now produce DVD's in high yields with 10 layers. This would allow the storage of HD content and still allow current dvd players to be able to read the discs...... so 4.7Gb x 10 layers = 47GB discs roughly

calderra5915d ago

Told ya this format war was stupid.
(Toshiba?) is developing a player that can play either disc, and now a disc that can work on either player.

Early adopters be damned!

Antan5915d ago

early adopters be shot !

Eternal E 8085915d ago

this mean it can be used for games too like can the discs work with the 360 if thats the case on the real why would anyone pay for a ps3 other than its exclusive games?

Ravenator5295914d ago

Now, aren't you glad that you weren't forced into buying Blu-Ray?

See, now I don't have to buy the HD-DVD player! I'll just wait.