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Yomaster2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"According to Ubisoft, the next DLC, titled “Raven Strike” will offer an experience more comparable to the classic Ghost Recon gameplay."

I actually lol-ed a little at that one. Classic Ghost Recon gameplay disappeared when they started making every GR game a third-person shooter. Unless they're talking about "GRAW classic", in which case I'd say that GR:FS in its entirety doesn't compare to either GRAW or GRAW2...

Ubisoft has been disappointing me lately, and I'm a huge fan of their work. GR:FS's MP was plagued with so many flaws last time I played it, the game was practically unplayable. I miss the quality of their older titles. Even Splinter Cell isn't the same anymore...

spok222783d ago

wish they would port this game to vita

MattyG2783d ago

There was a rumor back around E3 that Ubisoft was publishing an Assassins Creed game (which turend out ti be Liberation), and a Ghost Recon on the Vita. Since they were both posted on the same retailers website and Liberation was announced later that week, I can only assume that the Ghost Recon vita title will be announced soon.

doogiebear2783d ago

Ghost recon future soldiers multiplayer mode sucks. The motion capped animation they use for characters feels sluggish and slow and definately didnt help an already ho hum game.

Urbz78702782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I'm very dissapointed in GRFS multiplayer. I had high expectations for this game and ubisoft effed it up.

skywarpgreer2782d ago

come play ghost recon online....far superior game on PC only and has a terrific development team behind it....u will not be dissapointed. Future soldier is the bigest mess ever made.

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