Standalone DayZ to cost around 15 Euros

The standalone release of DayZ could be priced at around 15 Euros, creator Dean Hall has suggested.

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urwifeminder2783d ago

Nice after todays game im hooked i cant stop playing arma 2 though i wish i could play them both at the sametime ha ha day one for z and arma 3.

ATi_Elite2783d ago

they could sell it for $30 and I would buy it!

DayZ is that darn good and fun!

Looking forward to ALL the new content and gameplay changes coming in the standalone, it's gonna blow the mod out the water.

CaptCalvin2783d ago

A bunch in the face for a couple of my friends and others who bought ARMAII just for DayZ.

theEx1Le2781d ago

You bought Arma 2 for a mod, that was your choice. I have over 300 hours in DayZ (for which I also purchased Arma) and have my monies worth.

Its hardly anyone's fault but your own that you purchased a game for a mod that was always destined to become a standalone game, which you cant deny as there are posts on the forums that indicated such shortly after the mod creation.