360 & PS3 have 'passed their use-by date' - DayZ creator

Current-generation consoles have "really passed their use-by date", DayZ creator Dean Hall has claimed, before warning that next-generations consoles will face "a bit of a battle" with PC due to the format's innovative approach to gaming.

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aviator1894345d ago

I'm still looking forward to games on both the xbox and ps3 but I'm more than ready to make the next-gen jump.

Dms20124345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

Your level headed and well reasoned statements are not welcome here. j/k. It does suck that we are in for a bit of a wait as to next gen consoles, even though I can play the latest and greatest on PC, its just not the same.

adorie4345d ago

The wait dosn't suck because the more time that essentially passes by the more time that gives these manufacturers to weed out problems.

So logical. *sips beer*

nveenio4345d ago

I don't mind a big gap, because it means the next leap will just have to be that much further.

As for the article, who cares what the DayZ guy thinks? I've seen that game. The graphics and AI suck. Zombies will run at about 60mph at one moment and then stand in a weird pose while turning for about 15 seconds. Then they'll start running again. Though popular, it's messed up and poorly modded.

pixelsword4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

" next-generations consoles will face "a bit of a battle" with PC due to the format's innovative approach to gaming"

XboX live on Windows?

I think consoles can handle that.


If the 360 and PS3 have passed their use-by date, then what makes Wii U different?

I'm just curious as to what the PC and Wii U has that the 360 and PS3 doesn't.

All answers are welcome.

SilentNegotiator4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

Having limitations doesn't give consoles a "use-by" date. There will ALWAYS be limitations with technology and that just means certain ideas can't be used here and others can there. Eventually, yes, the new tech is great to have, but consoles don't "expire".

Old game systems are still getting games made/sold by enthusiasts. People still bought those....they're not any lesser of games. Those systems were ready for replacements, but they didn't "expire"

A million zombies with piss-poor AI on the horizon can't be done on 7th gen consoles?!?!?! OH NOES!!!!!

superrey194345d ago


Thats why they are making a standalone game, because, yes, dayz is just that, a mod.

Stansolo4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

PS3 and xbox 360 passed there use buy date, what sort of bullshit statement is that? There's still loads of great games that are still to come on these great consoles that will keep us playing for along time, so I can't see the PS3 and 360 ready for the bin yet.
Tried PC gaming and to me there's to much hassle installing and updates just to play a game.

Eyeco4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

being realistic, in the last 7 years i can only think of 2-3 PC games that have been "innovative","g roundbreaking" or have just flat out "amazing GOTY worthy" Different story on consoles tho

TruthbeTold4345d ago

Pretty sure the 'Use by' comment refers to the time period that 3rd party developers should have begun their final projects by if they want to take advantage of the opportunities that a gung ho user base brings. After whatever that date is, many gamers have moved on, or are so interested in what the next thing is going to be, they reign in the wallets a bit in order to be prepared.

I would think that most of us still on occasion enjoy our NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, PS2, etc. games. There's no such thing as a use by date for people who truly love all types of games. But from a risk and desire of profit standpoint, for developers, there may be.

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showtimefolks4345d ago

you know what's funny neither sony nor ms will release a system till 2014. Y'all are crazy why would they release a new system when these are selling as well and the games have never looked better. How is that with each passing game graphics and stuff keep improving and this is suppose to be old tech

expect both companies to talk about new systems at E3 only to wait a year like Nintendo did and e3 2014 is when we will get a full blown coverage and a release date. Reason being wii-u is on par with current consoles so they don't feel threatened. Why should they because when new system launches it usually takes it a year or 2 before games are showing up

so each 3rd party game will be on ps3 and xbox360 and sell extremely well with install base getting around 70 million by year's end.

I want a new syetem but than i look at 2013 games lineup and there is no way i mean ZERO% chance of xbox720 or ps4 coming out in 2013. Just look at the line. When some of the biggest games are about to release why would either ms or sony rush into a sometime when they cane take the extra year to make sure the launch goes smoothly

last of us:new IP
Bioshock-i consider it a new IP
Beyond 2 suld new IP
remember me new IP
Gears of war judgement
tomb raider
possibly gt6
possibly mid night club
sly 4
god of war
army of 2
dead space 3

games,games and more games that's what y'all should expect in 2013 not new systems. And IMO what's the rush when we know the tech different won't be as big as it was from ps2 to ps3. Also almost every game will see release on ps3,xbox360 even after ps4 and xbox720 do come out just because HD graphics and huge install bases

Muffins12234345d ago

Only 1 major exclusive is left for these 2 years for the 360(halo)There is a very good chance they might come out late 2013(1 or 2 months away from Christmas) and do you really think they would let Nintendo get a 2 year head start?!?!?!Wii-u is coming this year,you do know that right?And there's still less games this year than past 2 years.And if your asking about all this new ip's...there only being released because consumers got bored with the current ip's we have and they think this will fix game sales....games sales have been pretty low in the past years.Gta 5 will come late summer to early fall,halo comes this fall,every game you mentioned comes before December....only 3 new ip's you mentioned also...

showtimefolks4345d ago


what early start wii-u isn't even next gen its on par with current gen. And if anything ps3 has outsold xbox360 since launch so this head start won't mean much. also when ps3 and xbox360 will still be selling for 250-300 than they are making money and have games

Magic_Spatula4345d ago


Though the WiiU may be on par with the PS3/360, it doesn't mean that people won't pick it up. Especially the casual gamers. They'll see it as something new from Nintendo (which it is), and I doubt they care that the tech is "on par" (as you said it) with the PS3/360. There are things done wit the WiiU that warrant it as a next gen system. It is essentially an evolution of the previous system (like PS3/360 are the evolutions of the PS2/Xbox). The leaps and bounds of tech might not be as drastic, but it is still a next gen system.

Theyellowflash304345d ago

The only problem with a lot of those games is they only run at 30 FPS. For me having a game run in a faster frame rate is important. The PS3 and 360 big budget games cant do native 720p 60 FPS. COD is sub HD and 60FPS but doesnt look anywhere near as good as The Last of Us. The Wii U's launch titles can do 720p 60 FPS easy and the Zelda demo was confirmed by Reggie to be in 1080p 60 FPS (yes it was in game engine not CGI or a cut scean) So Im most definetly ready for next gen.

Stansolo4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

Well said your dead right.
The WiiU.....??? well to me I can't see it doing very well. The wii sold lots I know but the third party games were crap. A lot of wii owners have moved up to PS3 or 360 already and are happy so nintendo lost a lot of fans.

DARK WITNESS4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

Don't quite agree for a number of reasons but I will sum it up with a simple example.

GTA is about as big as any game could possibly hope to get, the only other games that are on the same sort of level are games like Cod and Halo.

GTA San andreas launched June 6th 2005. The xbox 360 launched Nov 2005.

If the launch of GTA that year didn't stop the 360 launching, why would any of those games really hold back next gen launching...

We are already getting halo 4 this year, so it's not like they need to hold out for another halo game. The ps4 may come out 2014.. maybe, but I very much doubt they will want to hold out like they did before.

I think the next gen systems will be shown at E3 or private events around spring / summer time and will then launch winter holiday 2013.

when you look at games like dead space 3 and bioshock, they are launching early 2013. even gears of war is looking at a release date early in the year.. so what will be left towards the end of 2013?

even if some of them are late 2013, there is no reason some of them wont launch on both this gen and next gen systems, Farcry did it and the first Just Cause launched on both the xbox and 360, it's is possible.

MS knows the advantage of launching early, as someone said above, I don't think they will let Nintendo launch that far ahead of them.

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PunkXIV4345d ago

PC fanboys are so desperate to become relevant in the gaming industry.

StayStatic4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

Console fanboys are ignorant idiots , not calling anyone a fanboy on here on n4g , just saying.

Can't wait for the next consoles to come though :)

solar4345d ago

He is right. Consoles cant have the risks of innovation that an open platform can give. Sucks but true.

Old McGroin4345d ago

Yeah there's a couple of games on the horizon that look pretty good (The Last Of Us looks excellent) on this generation of consoles but besides one or two new IPs there's nothing but sequels. I'm gone passed the stage of boredom with developers releasing the same games over and over again, doing nothing but reskinning the last entry in the series and offering no innovation.
I'm personally 100% ready for the next generation. I want to be blown away again just like I was when I first emerged from the prison sewers in Oblivion, or like when I first stepped in to the boots of Marcus Fenix back in 2006, or like when I first experienced the dynamic, breath taking set pieces in Uncharted 2. I think that no matter how good a new game is on either the 360 or PS3 I'm just gonna feel like I've seen it all before.

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Axonometri4345d ago (Edited 4345d ago )

My kids are still having fun with Xbox360 and PS3 is just getting really good. PS Plus included. I have several PS3 titles on horizon that say otherwise... not to mention whatever M$ has tucked away. Sure are mum lately.

BattleAxe4345d ago

MS probably has their unannounced games tucked away where the sun don't shine.

JKelloggs4345d ago

Another article stating the obvious.