New Dust 514 screenshots

Take a look at some new screenshots of the PS3 MMO Dust 514.

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stevenhiggster2780d ago

None of them are in game. I have been playing it quite a bit the past few days and while it is a good game with loads of potential, it sure is fugly.

WeskerChildReborned2780d ago

The thing i didn't like about the beta when it came out was that it took sometimes a whole clip to kill someone and the reloading was pretty slow.

HammadTheBeast2780d ago

They haven't pulled out all the stops with graphics yet in order to keep the download size small at the moment for beta testers. But maps look great imo.

DeadlyFire2780d ago

I wouldn't worry. By the time it releases it will be looking awesome.

Beta/Alpha builds of game are used to test its primary functions mostly to see what works and what doesn't. Textures get final polish in the last couple of builds before launch.

telekineticmantis2780d ago

I'm not hearing any news about a Beta, or demo yet... what's going on?

JAM_brz2780d ago

the Beta is out now, at least for Plus subscribers

Ducky2780d ago

Closed beta has been going on for quite some time (since before E3)

telekineticmantis2780d ago

I'm talking about a Beta or Demo for myself and the rest of the community

Ducky2780d ago

Open beta might be later.

They don't have to worry about selling their game because it is Free-to-Play anyways.
They do however need community feedback in order to make a good game, and that's what the closed beta does.

Daver2780d ago


Beta is not suppose to sell game either....

hardcorehippiez2780d ago

the latest update has upgraded the graphics quite a bit but it still doesnt look like this. Its still slightly sluggish to play but is getting better every update. while its not the best shooter Fps i have played its not the worst and best of all we are getting it for free so i would advise anyone that is connected to get this game. Maps are a good big size as well.

HammadTheBeast2780d ago

I have a feeling that we're still a few builds behind the devs. I have talked to a few of them on this IRC chat thing, and they have confirmed that they are playing a much "cleaner" build, this one has been somewhat "dumbed down" so that people don't need to download a HUGE file like the 13 GB DCUO.

And that's why I'm not worried about graphics and polish too much. Gunplay has improved a lot, but it still feels somewhat loose, and they said it was to be tightened up and improved soon. The hit detection is the major problem, and they have acknowledged it.

hardcorehippiez2780d ago

yea im not worried in the slightest. as i said each update is getting better and yea the graphics will improve , they usually do in most of the betas i have been in.

JAM_brz2780d ago

I´m relived to hear that. I played the game about 1 month ago and it looks not too good.

Like you said, I expect some improvements. I´m expecting a great game.

Clarence2780d ago ShowReplies(1)
jjb19812780d ago

It's fun, the deep customization takes time to get used to.