Beyond Two Souls: Interactivity is ‘more than shooting guns’ – Cage

David Cage believes player interaction in video games should consist of more than just shooting a gun, and this philosophy is something he’s striving to instill with Quantic Dream’s latest, Beyond: Two Souls.

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jc485732789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I like how David Cage is very persistent with his philosophy. You've got to admit that this generation is just full of guns. Not many developers have the guts to try new things even if it means making some people unhappy. Simply making a game that works/sells is not enough, but developers continue to think so.

DigitalAnalog2787d ago

And whether or not you like his games. His attitude is something that is clearly lacking in the current generations. Had more devs have the balls to step up and not give in to "casual" b*llshit that is plaguing this gen, we may have more memorable titles like Silent Hill and SoTC. Sadly, the closest I have ever seen to that approach is Demon's Souls and Heavy Rain. TLOU and Beyond seems to be heading in that particular direction as well.

Sizzon2789d ago

Can't wait for Beyond, loved Heavy Rain.

mewhy322788d ago

Well Heavy Rain was visually impressive. Beautiful game. But it was more or less an interactive quicktime event from start to finish. This game will be the same. Beautiful but just one big quicktime event. I'll probably still get it though LOL.

doogiebear2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@ mewhy32:

I get where your coming from, however I can't fully agree with you on that:

Now, I wont lie...i used to think Heavy Rain's gameplay was one big QTE too, until they completely changed it with the Playstation Move update. I didnt care for heavy rain's gameplay until the Move demo released, which made the game a totally different playing one because u had to actually mimic the fights, actions, etc with the move instead of simply pressing a button on time. It really is quite amazing and waaaay better with the move (which changes it from Qte to real time motions that are UNIQUE movements for EVERY time your prompted (instead of just waiting for any of the same 4 face buttons to pop up on the screen over and over again with the dual shock)).

Heavy Rain is the only good game to make use of the playstation move in post production (other than dedicated Move games like Sports champions and The Fight lights out).

mewhy322788d ago

Well I can't really speak to the Move improvment, as I don't have the move add on. Now don't get me wrong, I loved Heavy Rain but with the DS3 controller it was really one big QTE.

DigitalAnalog2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

It's very strange when you consider the MOVE as more dynamic then the traditional dual-shock as they have the SAME amount of QTE's. All those supposed "MOVE" interfaces was utilized by the dual shock sticks. The only reason why the Dual-shock felt like QTE's was because it was not as expressive as the MOVE control when clearly it wasn't.

BitbyDeath2787d ago

All games have QTE's. In Killzone for example you have to quickly press the 'trigger' button before someone else does it or you die. The only difference is Heavy Rain's trigger has a lot more tricks under the hood so needs to be displayed on screen.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I'm sorry but this game is barely interactive at all.

The gameplay is for the Brain dead. If Iphone could handle it it would be perfect. Tap screen to make her run, Tilt phone to fly ghost.

I am sure I am the only one to criticise this game but while the graphics and story look great the game is not a game and the gameplay is barley in your control.

Why do I need to tap X to run?

You don't really play it you more so influence certain events.

If you don't press left this happens if you do press left this happens.

This guy needs to stop acting like he is doing something completely innovative. They have a name for it a long time ago. It's call Q.T.E.

I rather order some chicken & broccoli and watch someone else play this amazing looking movie.

DigitalAnalog2787d ago

I guess you haven't been playing GTA on the dual shock.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

So if I stand there in GTA and press X he will run and turn automatically? ok..

telekineticmantis2788d ago

This game is Action, we want to control the action, not select a pre-determined action you chose. In some cases it makes the experience better, but we want to control the attacks.

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