Sony bounces back at Gamescom 2012

Guardian: A day after Sony's 14 August press conference at Gamescom, the company received confirmation that it had made a splash in Cologne from the unlikeliest of sources.

What it showed had gone down so well that the Japanese giant's mortal enemy, the hacker group Anonymous, tried to put a damper on the mounting goodwill by claiming to have hacked another 10m PlayStation Network accounts.

Once Sony's hugely beefed-up online security department had confirmed that those claims were false, Anonymous's churlish attempts at thunder-stealing merely added to the prevailing conviction that Sony was the most impressive player at Gamescom.

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remanutd552776d ago

and i still want more, i know they can do better, i want Mr Yoshida to push every sony ELITE worldwide studio to put a small team to develop new original experiences on the vita.

Silver-Hawk2776d ago

What! Did people miss Sony's e3?

dboyman2774d ago

I think he means Yoshida needs now more PS3 and Vita titles now for TGS that cater to Japanese sensibilities (JRPGs, Monster hunter like games, etc)

jsslifelike2774d ago

I think SONY missed Sony's E3.

smashcrashbash2774d ago

Enough already for the love of cake. Stop talking about bouncing back. You do realize that everyone else's E3 wasn't exactly a bed of roses either.

Blankman852774d ago

Yeah. But only SONY have bounced back from it. The rest are still languishing in their E3 fail. What's your problem?

Alastor642774d ago

What are you talking about? Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct that put it's E3 to shame announcing more games and even the 3DS XL. Sony will bounce back once its stock goes up instead of down everyday.

AO1JMM2774d ago

Sony is still there...."languishing in their E3 fail"

opinions... see how they work yet?

godofboobees2774d ago

Was this live because I would love to see it

TooTall192774d ago

It was. I don't think it would be difficult to find a replay on youtube or ps blog.

Agheil2774d ago

lol who ever disagreed with you is just trolling haha

Jazz41082774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I hope they did well as no one else showed up to compete against them so of course they won by default. This is stupid as its just more fanboy crap. Sony did well as they showed they care about the vita and announced some downloadable games for psn and for move.

Alastor642774d ago

I thought you knew N4G is full of Sony fanboys. It's the worse.

AngelicIceDiamond2774d ago

Sony was never in a bad state in the first place. All they did was show much needed love to Move, more games for Vita (the biggest hurray) as well as exclusive PSN games.

Sounds like to me more games the merrier. Don't forget Last Of Us, GoW and Beyond. I don't know what this articles talking about.

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