GTA V Protagonist Revealed In New Screenshots

WC - Yesterday, Rockstar released three new GTA V screenshots. Not only did this make about 80% of gamer’s Monday worthwhile getting up for, but it also hints at some interesting nuggets of new info about the protagonist of the game. Rumours have been circulating about GTA V having multiple protagonists. Many were quick to call BS on this “leak”, myself included, but the new screens seem to hint at that.

In the new three screen shots, two characters are obviously highlighted. An African-American male, and a man in a suit very much resembling the “Ned Luke” character.

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Bonerrr2778d ago

Isn't his name DeSliver? Or at least according to the script leak last year....

HebrewHammer2778d ago

I've got a good feeling about this protagonist. Could be the best since Tommy.

EazyC2778d ago

This game is looking to just be amazing.