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Knight_Crawler2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I am not sure why people are disagreeing with you for not wanting to buy a game from a Company that does not care about there fanbase.

We want the real Mega Man in Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Capcom gives us the middle finger.

We want the real Dante in Devil May Cry 5 - Capcom gives us the middle finger.

We want a new Mega Man game - Capcom gives us the middle finger.

We want real Zombies in RE6 not homeless people on bath salts - Capcom gives us the middle figer.

Well I can give Capcom my middle finger by not buying this game.

Mike_Tha_Hero2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Again with the idea that Capcom is a group of guys siting in an office.

They're a huge company that doesn't always make decisions as minuscule as Dante's hair color. That's the DEV TEAM'S call.

So to treat them as some singular figure for issues you have with numerous games is just silly.

iamlegend99992781d ago

No pretty much there getting tired of there fans whining about what there doing. There not gonna do what the fans want all the time if that's all they can do is whine. Pretty much what SE is doing. To many fans are crying because people wamt this and people want that. Maybe if you guys would stop whining maybe they would listen to you guys. Nobody is whining about Cyber Connect 2 is even getting feedback from there fans because they don't whine for nothing. They like everygame that comes out and trust them to make a great game.

LUV_DA_BOPP2780d ago

it does have zombies, if you check out leon's campaign gameplay has zombies, and if thats not zombies then you must be on bath salts yourself.

DOMination-2780d ago

Gold already? There's still three months to release?

garos822780d ago

Plenty of time for them to build an elaborate dlc costume pack to sell to us. This is the first resi I'm not even bothered is getting released.I hope it flops

DOMination-2779d ago

yes, exactly my thoughts..

Awesome_Gamer2780d ago

Me too, way too action-focused for my likeing

doogiebear2780d ago

Yeah. I bet it wont go gold in sales. If i get it, it will be used for co op with my gf since she loved re 5's co op. As for me this game is a big fat "meh".

Capcom wont get a dime off of me for this heretical game. Gears of war rip off piece of trash.

LUV_DA_BOPP2780d ago

im buying it.... already pre ordered it....i pre ordered the anthology version cuz i don't own the old games anymore so it was a good deal...... you might not buy it but you'll be the first one on youtube looking for the walkthrough and i'll enjoy this re6 cuz i like re5 and 4.

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Knight_Crawler2781d ago

No one cares Capcom and I hope nobody buys your action thriller game with Zombies who can drive cars, bikes and planes while aiming at you with a sniper rifle.

Merrill2781d ago

Lol, Is that an actual scenario you witnessed in RE6? If so, LMAO. No way I could justify purchase if so.

BigPappaPump2781d ago

I'm hoping that you're exaggerating.

LightSamus2781d ago

Oh he's exaggerating but not by much. Might as well be that way.

Infernostew2781d ago

Speaking of that... It would be awesome if someone made a game based on the comic Crossed.

ConstipatedGorilla2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Man, if it's really like that, I'm cancelling my preorder. I had fun with RE 5, but I prefer the old style from the PS One days. That game (RE 1) had some moments that scared the crap out of me.

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PersonMan2781d ago

I'm really hoping that this will be different from Resident Evil 5. I never liked the RE series, but 5 was close to what I was hoping for, but just off enough for me not to like it very much. 6 looks to be what I wanted 5 to be. So here's hoping it's good this time.

By the way, Zombies aren't real, so who cares if they can shoot guns. Big whoop. Why don't you go cry about it.

To me, it's a refreshing change from the average zombie apocalypse game. They're trying something new, how can you not respect that?

Kyosuke_Sanada2781d ago

Soon as you said Resident Evil was an average zombie apocalypse game that automatically renders your comment null and void.......

Knight_Crawler2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

You have to forgive PersonaMan, his brain has been infected with the everything has to be like Call of Duty virus.

Shame that kids these days are all about explosions and quick kills.

I remember making my little causing play Uncharted 1 and he gave up on the first puzzle and went back to playing COD online... sad :(

PersonMan2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I said "it's a refreshing change from the average zombie apocalypse game"

I wasn't really a RE fan before, but this one peaked my interest. Maybe this will be the Resident Evil game I finally like. Perhaps that's what their goal was... To get new fans.

Some gamers don't want their favorite games to grow up, but it has to happen sometime. Just because it's not the same anymore, doesn't mean it's a bad game... it's just not what you're used to.

Same thing happened with GTA IV. I didn't like the other GTA's but when GTA IV came out with the realistic driving physics and the euphoria engine, I finally liked a GTA game (but a lot of people who were used to the cartoonieness of the previous games were mad because they couldn't jump off a building and live and stuff).

By the way, does anyone know if you can walk and shoot at the same time in RE6? The fact that I couldn't strafe annoyed the crap out of me in RE5.

@Knight_Crawler. Funnily enough, I don't like Call of Duty anymore. It's the same boring crap every year. I also love Uncharted (but for Single Player only). Also, I'm not a kid... I'm 29 years old.

There's nothing wrong with liking action games. I also like Side Scrollers, puzzle games, driving games and skateboarding games.

Edit: Wow, I can see I stepped on the toes of all the RE fans. I'm sorry that I'm not into old RE games. I want something up to date and new feeling. None of these frustrating shooting mechanics and stuff.

Darth Gamer2781d ago

It's not that we don't want out Resident Evil games to "Grow up" as you say, ( I would love it to grow up and be a darker more mature story, etc...) We just want it to resemble something that originally made the game what it was and so popular for its original fan base. Not every game has to be a run and gun COD copy. I'm sure RE6 is going to be a fine game but it definitely is not a resi game by any stretch and this is what we are all pissed about. I for one will not be purchasing until it hits the bargain bin. At least with the new DMC game they are trying to make it like the old ones with a fresh coat of paint. This is just completely a 180 degree turnaround.

user54670072781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

They're trying something new...:O something new is like what they did with RE4. Over the shoulder gameplay, an upgradable inventory, differn't take on enemies. I mean I know some find that RE4 was the downfall of the franchise but if they had kept the same tone as RE4 and added a few more scares for RE5....WHICH THEY DID

Then RE would still be a great franchises...

However this isn't trying something new, RE6 has changed everything, it's like a new IP, they changed everything people loved about the franchise despite people complaining about these things in RE5.

PersonMan2781d ago

What about the people who hated the franchise before and are now thinking about giving this one a chance?

By the way, you people act as if it's YOUR game or something.

-Omega2781d ago


"What about the people who hated the franchise before and are now thinking about giving this one a chance?"

Thats the problem old fans have with Capcom, they keep focusing on new fans thinking it will give them a bigger audience but all they are doing is pushing the old fans out while the lure in new fans. Your basicaly replacing a fanbase not expanding it.

"By the way, you people act as if it's YOUR game or something"

Considering most of us have been there with the franchise since the first game on the PS1...yeah this means more to us old fans then new fans. New fans shouldn't have a say about the new direction because at the end of the day the changes have made it nothing like Resident Evil, you basicaly like a new game by Capcom not Resident Evil. We should come first, not you guys.

Kyosuke_Sanada2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Genre jumping isn't growing up because it doesn't contribute to survival horror or take it to the next level.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is perfect example of game that properly adjusted to the times because

A- It changed for players to have better navigation of the terrain and combat yet stealth was still it's main objective.

B- Raised the stealth genre by adding realistic portrayals warring factions to the franchise. There are few games that portrayed real time battlefields where you play as a neutral party and even fewer that strongly encourage players to pass through these encounters unseen.

It may not be our game per se but it was obviously one of our favourite franchises in the business.

Sephiroushin2781d ago

"Perhaps that's what their goal was... To get new fans."
Well maybe, but by that they're losing the core (the old fanbase) It's better an easier to try and please an old but established fanbase than to try to get a new fanbase ... Many fans are upset about RE5 but many of them are waiting for the release of RE6 ( me included ), if Capcom screw things now ( most likely ) with RE6 they will lose that whole fanbase for real ... Me for example, I'm not buying RE6 until I see some walkthrough or w/e if it's the same crap as RE5 I won't care about it any longer and won't be following RE7 trailers and stuff ...

"By the way, does anyone know if you can walk and shoot at the same time in RE6?"
Obviously you can, it's no longer an horror game, just an action game ...

Pozzle2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

People aren't annoyed because they don't like zombies who can wield guns. People are annoyed because Resident Evil already has an established zombie mythos, and that appears to be changed (once again) for Resident Evil 6.

In previous games the zombies were failed t-virus experiments. The test subjects didn't respond to the T-virus, so they became slow, useless, mindless...well...zombies. They're the worst result that Umbrella ended up with. So it's silly that zombies are able to wield weapons and drive vehicles and seemingly be used as successful bio-weapons in RE6, because that goes against everything we know about zombies from past games.

And I know that the virus in RE6 isn't the original t-virus, but it's starting to seem like Capcom are just making crap up THEN trying to figure out how to fit it into the pre-existing RE history. "Oh don't worry fans! We've included zombies this time around! But they can shoot guns and drive cars. What do you mean that doesn't make any sense? Of course it does! They're not t-virus zombies. No, no, don't be silly. We've invented a new virus that turns people into zombies that can shoot guns! See? It makes TOTAL SENSE!!" Capcom obviously didn't want to get rid of Ganado/Majini type enemies, so they've made them look like zombies to appease fans. But they still act like Ganado/Majini.

-Omega2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

The new enemies are basicaly Las Plagas enemies in disguise and are called Zombies to try and appeal to old fans.

You should see their facebook page, it's un real with how many people are falling for it.

Even the ones in Leons campaign arn't Zombies...

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spunnups2781d ago

Hopin for a huge surprise with this one, but judging by their most recent releases, RE5 and Raccoon Coty, its going to be way over the top actuon and won resemble Survival Horror OR The Resident Evil we grew to love, at all....


turgore2780d ago

Yeah but resident evil revelations was quite good.

rickybadman2781d ago

Hope they fixed the damn camera.....But I doubt it

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