WWE '13 Attitude Era Mode Storylines Leaked

WWE '13 Attitude Era Mode Storylines Leaked!!!

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topgun332779d ago

I am hoping the remaining two are the Invasion where Shane O Mac purchases WCW, and Stephanie buys ECW and they challenge their father. This could be paid DLC where they include alot of wrestlers, some of which are currently in TNA such as Kurt Angle, the Dudleys, RVD, and Tazz. The other participants are no longer wrestling I don't believe but they were integral to the story line: Lance Storm, Billy Kidman, Raven, Rhyno, Chuck Palumbo, Sean Stasiack, Sean Ohaire. As far as the ECW guys: the WWe owns the rights and images to these characters, and they were in a WWE game before but they will be nice to have as legends: Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Justin Credible.

As far as the last story line goes: Mr.McMahon decides once and for all to gain full control of the WWE by bringing in the treacherous and poisonous nWo. They have Nash, and Xpac in the game. So include Scott Hall and Hogan as dlc.

As far as old school legends, this should be free DLC because they have been put in previous games and should have been in the roster. Andre the Giant, Mr. Perfect, Macho Man Randy Savage.

I am glad they added the Attitude roster for WWE 13, however I believe they wasted several wrestler spots that could have been used for more important wrestlers that have been left out of the game. For instance, why does Mick Foley have 3 spots: Dude Love, Cactus Jack and Mankind. Stick with Mankind and every one is happy. Triple H has two. Who cares about the attitude era H. As far as a waste of the current roster, Epico, Primo, Hunico, Camacho, the Great Khali, and divas that are no longer under contract Kharma, and the Bella Twins.

Finally, I would love them to add the attitude wrestlers of the Hardy Boyz, Steve Blackman, Crash Holly, the Hurricane. Steven Richards with the Right to Censor, Ivory, and Sable and it would be a perfect game

Let me know what you think