Warhawk PS3: The official fact sheet

Read the fact sheet and find out the adventure that waits for you:

* Pilot the most advanced Fighter in the Fleet – Fly or hover to engage in intense dogfights with hundreds of fighters, massive flying battleships and enemy ground forces.

* Fight on Foot, in Ground Vehicles, or in the Sky – Next-gen multimodal design throws players into a deep gameplay experience. Fight in the war as a foot soldier, vehicle driver or ace pilot-whenever you want.

* An Epic Level of Ambient Warfare – Players must defend their land and accomplish missions within a massive, fully interactive battlefield of Eucadian and Chernovan forces.

* Discover a Vast and Unique World – Hundreds of square miles of high-resolution terrain filled with a brave new world where old and new technologies merge.

* An Epic Storyline of Heroism – Charismatic characters and powerful armies clash in a gripping saga of discovery and survival.

* Experience an Expansive Online Community – Players can join in epic multi-modal 32-person online battles, constantly evolving with downloadable content and a variety of online game modes.

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Donkey Slayer5913d ago

The campaign looks very good. The multiplayer videos from TGS however didn't look very intense, too much area perhaps with too few people playing. Just didn't seem like any dog fights were going on or anything.


but first im getting RFOM and MS