Battlefield and Call of Duty: the great frames per second debate


Call of Duty and Battlefield - the top two games in the genre - are rivals at the till, but they're also rivals when it comes to the number of frames that glisten from your television every second. And in this regard, we have two very different philosophies.

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mewhy322776d ago

60fps is really important in a shooter. I'll take the 60fps Call of Duty on this one.

LocutusEstBorg2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Battlefield does run at 120FPS. You having weak hardware isn't EA's problem.

SJPFTW2776d ago

Id rather have Vehicles, Large Maps, Destruction, Better graphics, dedicated servers than that mess that is call of duty.

Considering Call of Duty is a LAG-FEST... the only real time the game runs at real 60fps is when you play single player. LOL

Lockon2776d ago

BF3 on PC smoother than Cawadooty since 2002.

venom062776d ago

who gives a damn about frames per second... it's all about game play and the immersion you get while playing.. NOTHING can compare to BF3 in that department... Eurogamer is scratching for views..

Xof2776d ago

I have it from a reliable source that reality maxes out at 45 frames per second, so anything beyond that is entirely superfluous.

Tachyon_Nova2776d ago

Not really, just because you can't see anywhere near at 60FPS, doesn't mean that a higher frame rate is superfluous. For example. The higher the frame rate the more quickly and the more accurately user input can be woven into the action. This results in a smoother experience.

Xof2776d ago

You were supposed to say, "what source?"

Then this reply would have read, "my ass."


I'm very disappointed in you.

LightofDarkness2775d ago

People can perceive up to 260hz, according to some experiments (this number varies, apparently), but our vision doesn't have "framerate", nor does reality, so it doesn't really apply outside of displays.

I can certainly tell you when I'm on a 60hz vs. 120hz display without hesitation.

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The story is too old to be commented.