Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Preview | FruityGamers

One of the most challenging games ever made gets an updated PC version.

Do you remember when video games were obscenely hard? Do you remember when games where so hard that you needed tips and tricks that could only be found on magazines?

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BiggCMan2781d ago

"In terms of story though, the game doesn't offer much"

I highly (respectfully), disagree. It's not your typical story showed to you in cutscenes and speech (though there is still cutscenes and speech). It's a story you need to find on your own, and those who care enough about the game like myself, will tell you so much about the story in both games, that you would have never known by just playing the game normally. I, along with the die hard fans, have done extensive research about what each piece of dialogue really means, more understanding of the cutscenes etc.. Each boss has their own back story that the game doesn't tell you about, or most of the bosses anyways. There is such a huge story in these games, and when you put in the time to learn it, it's quite incredible, and deep. Some may prefer to get the entire story in the game itself, and I think I do as well. But I don't mind how From Software does it, I enjoy reading about my favorite games on the internet, getting a better understanding of them and so forth.