EA says stereoscopic 3D "isn't a major factor" as tech fails to turn up at Sony press conferences

Eurogamer writes: Has stereoscopic 3D video gaming died? For EA, one of the biggest and most influential game publishers in the world, it's not even worth considering.

Two years ago Sony invested heavily in 3D, and as Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter pointed out in an article published earlier this year: "It was supposed to be The Next Big Thing - a perfect storm of movies, TV and games."

But stereo 3D seems to have dropped off the radar for even PlayStation after it failed to make an appearance during the company's E3 and Gamescom press conferences - this after showing parts of its 2010 and 2011 press conferences in 3D.

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hennessey862783d ago

I think the tech has come to early for consoles, the graphics take to much of a hit. Films however are brilliant in 3d and I will continue to choose the 3d option over 2d if available.

Soldierone2783d ago

No....3d LIKE ALWAYS comes and goes. It will be back when they "perfect" it "again" and this time it will be with Toshiba and Sony making glasses-free TV's more affordable, and better.

3D is still hovering around as Hollywood is still milking the cow with 3D re-release crap, and Sony still pushing 3D camera's. It didn't die, its just building steam again.

Plus my bet is Sony is slowly learning that something like that is better suited for CES.