Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition - Sony confirmed release date

Sony just announced the release date for the goty edition of Uncharted 3.

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Axonometri2781d ago

Finally! Pump (uh uhm) this is great news

Paballo2781d ago

great game.I will pick this up...
On a side note....since the second naughty dog team is working of the last of us I have a hunch that the first team is working on a Jak and Daxter for ps3 and after the release of that game the will start working on a ps4 game.

Angels37852781d ago

I would agree with that if naughty dog wasn't already confirmed to be working on a ps4 game in one of the more recent issues of game informer.

HeavenlySnipes2781d ago


An I literally just bought it and Mass effect 2 an hour ago

Hicken2781d ago

You can always return it.

Vortex3D2781d ago

If Uncharted 3 still got GOTY award, it's really saying there isn't any adventure games today. U2 was way better than U3 and it's surprising U3 still got GOTY. The again without any competition in adventure games today, being the only one automatically gets GOTY. But in reality, GOTY makes no senses because there are many GOTY each year.

So why bother calling any game, GOTY?

Ducky2781d ago

A game having GOTY in the title just means it is a pack with all the additional DLC and whatnot. Doesn't mean much else aside from that.

DeadIsland and ArkhamCity both got GOTY editions too.

hardandsloppy2781d ago

Don't worry, he seems like a troll based on some of his previous comments.

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