USA Weekly Chart, Ending 11th Aug 2012


1: X360 - 51,947 (+4%)
2: PS3 - 34,407 (0%)
3: 3DS - 30,523 (-30%)
4: Wii - 18,073 (-3%)
5: DS - 16,367 (-12%)
6: PSV - 10,597 (-8%)
7: PSP - 2,193 (0%)

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DC19802782d ago

P4A on PS3 destroyed its 360 counterpart

Edward752781d ago

Of all the info you got from this article... THAT is the point you want to make? The bigger point is why does the difference in modern warfare and black ops destroy all ps3 titles combined?

This is what bothers me... Even if these numbers are off by a lot, CoD sells more on the 360 then adding up all ps3 exclusives for the same time frame.

If you are thinking about money, it's a no brainer for MS to keep doing what they are doing , timed dlc is killing Sony for CoD AND party chat when playing CoD.

Sad that with all those exclusives, when it comes to money, a few of the game produce, and those are the titles MS rules in...

Nes_Daze2781d ago

Maybe because COD is treated like an exclusive on the xbox360? Americans love their overrated shooters, sad, but true. Party chat is also overrated, and yes I have xbox360. But continue on talking about who sells more, because quality wise nobody gives a sh*t about who sells more when they have games to play.

ado9082781d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dms20122782d ago

The U.S. is not the...oh never mind.

darthv722781d ago

we know what you were going to say.

although, it is kind of interesting how it takes the combined tally of the rest of the 'the world' to beat the US numbers.

So maybe US does = the world? If not, then it certainly represents the "single" largest gaming market in the world.

On topic: 4% increase for 360 isnt much to oooh and ahhh over. Then again, the 0% change for PS3 and PSV are better than the decline the rest endured.

Dms20122781d ago

I actually agree with you, I was just being a smart ass towards the idiots that feel the need to give us a geography lesson every time U.S. numbers are posted.

DarkHeroZX2781d ago

Actually the European vgchart sales cancel out 360 sales and put ps3 over a little. So no US is not the world, all regions are important.

feeter2781d ago

@DarkHeroZX... whatever helps you sleep at night

ChunkyLover532781d ago

The Xbox 360 spike could be attributed to the buy a PC get a free Xbox 360 deal going on right now. Its a great marketing idea by Microsoft. I don't expect huge numbers from any of the current consoles, market seems saturated and consumers know the next generation is coming soon.

HiddenMission2781d ago

The thing everyone is missing is how the number provided here don't match the numbers from the front page of the site...examples

Provided/Front page
360 - 51,947/56,188...that's a 4,241 difference
PS3 - 34,407/37,372...that's a 2,965 difference

Gap between the two
Provided/Front page
17,540 vs 18,816

So it shows either corrections were made that weren't updated elsewhere or the numbers need to be questions for validity and yes I know these are partial hard numbers with polling done to fill in the blanks just like NPD's numbers.

TheoreticalParticle2781d ago

These are absolutely not "just like NPD numbers".

If I ask 10 guys on the street something, and then extrapolate that data out for 1,500 people, it's nowhere near as accurate as if I poll 1,250 people, and then extrapolate out the last 250 people.

VGFakez has a couple friends at Gamestop who look up stuff in the computers. NPD has sales data for all major chains other than Wal-Mart.

You VGChartz defenders are hilarious. I've never seen anyone defend objectively verifiable incorrect data as vehemently as you guys.

HiddenMission2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )


1st I think the name is a joke because don't know what you speak of.

I actually know the EIC of VGChartz and I did an interview with him on how they get their respective numbers. So I know what I'm talking about here and you don't.

As for the NPD's well documented that NPD does polling just like VGChartz but for different retailers. Also NPD "DOES NOT" include data from large retailers and it's a fairly extensive list of retailers that they exclude data from...and I mean big and small stores.

So you can make your comment but I'm actually am EIC of a site and BA for a billion dollar company who deals with this info on a day to day basis so again I actually know what I'm talking about here and you don't.

Before I leave your mind spinning you missed the point of my comment. The numbers had a variation which I was pointing out...I was neither defending or opposing their numbers simply pointing out a potential issue.

Thanks again :)

TheoreticalParticle2781d ago


I work for a multinational video game company. I have our actual sales numbers. NPD numbers are generally within 10-15%. I know which retailers that carry our games aren't accounted for in the NPD numbers, because I can do the math.

VGChartz, on the other hand, has been off by upwards of 300% on our titles. I posit to you that it is perhaps you who has no idea about which you speak, or rather, that you have a very flawed perception based on partial truths.

I don't like to tell other people how to do their jobs, but if I were in your position, I'd probably reconsider using them as a source, especially if you're in charge of millions of dollars. It'd be a horrible thing to end up losing your job in this economy.

And I get your original point, which is that the data has discrepancies. It was your tossed off attempt to cast the two sites as being birds of a feather that I felt the need to comment on. The fact that the data is routinely retroactively changed without comment on VGChartz is well-documented by others who interviewed them about their "data collection", and this is what likely caused the discrepancy from image to frontpage.

feeter2781d ago

they are close to accurate... and even game Sony and MS just give a close to accurate sale #s... as its a know fact Walmart does not share their #s even with Sony or MS and i doubt small store give timely or accurate #s

chukamachine2781d ago


So basically npd, vgchartz is all bull.

I'm guessing that the only real numbers are going to come from SONY/MS/NINTENDO.

feeter2781d ago

Even Sony/MS/Nintendo can only give an estimate of sales as Walmart sells huge # of systems and dont give accurate #s to suppliers (its basically we need more stock, which can be we have sold out of what we are given or we have alot in stock but want more) and small store dont give out their #s timely or accurately