Diehard GameFAN: Mugen Souls Hands-On Preview

DHGF: Mugen Souls is ultimately the story of Chou-Chou, who desires to conquer the known universe. She has a chance at it too, since she has the power to not only shape-shift, but also turn anyone with even the slightest bit of attraction to her (romantic or platonic) into her willing loyal vassal, AKA a “peon.” Sadly, Chou-Chou isn’t very bright, and so goes about conquering the universe not only one world at a time, but one person on each world at a time. If it sounds like a lot of work… IT IS. You’re going to have to do a lot of grinding to turn enemies into peons and also take control of the very continents themselves. Of course, it’s not just a matter of going up to an enemy and saying hi. You’re going to have to engage them in combat and turn them over to your side in the heat of battle.

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