Eric Bossick to Mocap in a Metal Gear Solid Game. Could this be Metal Gear Solid 5?

Silent Haven: This isn’t Silent Hill news but in a way Silent Hill related. Upon speaking to one of my favorite dudes in the world, Silent Hill 4 protagonist’s voice/mocap actor Eric Bossic, he told me he was and will be working with Kojima under a Metal Gear Solid title. Here is our full discussion!

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fastrez2780d ago

SWEET! More Big Boss please.

Silver-Hawk2780d ago

This should be on next gen system

doogiebear2780d ago

Yeah especially if it has a new MGO. Kojima keeps shutting mgo servers down too fast, so if its on current hardwarw, who's to say he wont shut them down again the moment new hardware is announced. It would just be better if he saved it for ps4 and any other next gen hardware (if its not exclusive).

JANF2780d ago

@ Silver-Hawk

i agree 100% with you, this game should be on next gen. By summer 2013 next gen consoles may be announced already so why not wait.

Forbidden_Darkness2780d ago

And they would rather release it on this generation consoles. They can not only release it sooner, but they are guaranteed more sales. I'm sure they've been working on it a few years now, so it would be stupid to rework it for next gen consoles.

ThanatosDMC2780d ago

If they implement an MGO, i hope it's just our PSN account. It was such a pain to use that bittorrent type downloader and creating an account on that japanese server.

wishingW3L2780d ago

I agree man. Nothing would be better than starting a gen with one of the most epic series ever created.

ZombieKiller2780d ago

I disagree. Not counting the HD collection, there is only 1 MGS game this gen. That's not enough. Plus they would have to learn the architecture of next gen before they do which would delay even more.
They have this generation on lock down and Kojima knows both systems now. This game is going to be this gen and will ROCK!
I bet it's next summer too.

_-EDMIX-_2779d ago

Some of you guys on N4G are just really slow. Theres no reason to make it next gen considering they've only had 1 game this gen.

Why would they or "should" they do that? As if they don't have a damn company to run. LOL!

Its a business people and MGS5 will be on PS3/360/PC based on it being on his new Fox engine.

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Whitefeather2780d ago

I want more Solid Snake personally for being the main character he's only been the main character of two games not including the 2d ones.

Kratos_19862780d ago

kojima if the game is no longer ps3 exclusive please give us a pc release

Nimblest-Assassin2780d ago

I don't remember where, but Kojima said that if he made a new MGS... it would always come out on a PS console first

So if that is true, you will have to wait a while

AIndoria2780d ago

Lolwut? Dream while you can...

Irishguy952779d ago

MGS 1 was on PC. MGS 2 was on XBox. Rising in on Xbox etc.

AIndoria2778d ago

@Irishguy95 : MGS1 was on PlayStation, MGS2 was PlayStation 2, MGS3 was playStation 2, MGS4 was PlayStation 3 exclusive.

(Yes, there have been ports but these were originally released on PlayStation.) Happy?

garos822780d ago

i normally follow gaming news and what not but when the hell has mgs5 been confirmed?!!

GamerElite2780d ago

You must be living under a rock. About a couple of months ago, Kojima had confirmed it.

Nate-Dog2780d ago

No he didn't. He just loosely referred to "a" MGS5 title, not an actual MGS5 that exists or that 100% will exist or a specific MGS5 title which will take place now or then or which will be about this or that.

Minato-Namikaze2780d ago

I want this on the MGS4 engine and not the fox engine

Parappa2780d ago

Because the MGS4 engine is better and there is no point in making it unless there is going to be more than 1 game for it. The Fox Engine will be used by other games like PES anyway.

J_Cob2780d ago

You've seen the Fox Engine in action, right?

Also note the video is from 2011.

wishingW3L2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

but the fox engine is an evolution from that one!

And thanks for the video @J_Cob, this is the first time I've seen that.

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The story is too old to be commented.