Games retail will be gone in ten years, says EA exec

"That is my personal opinion and it may not be what EA thinks"

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Axonometri2781d ago

What you going to do EA? Eat everyone opposed to your forward plans?

majiebeast2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Yeah... no. I love having a game collection and so do a lot of gamers.

Hufandpuf2781d ago

I believe him. how is Gamestop going to survive in the long run by using their crap marketing anyway? Many of the family owned game stores are closing shop, so I wouldn't be surprised if gamestop took a huge hit by Steam and Origin in the next few years.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2781d ago

Oh gamestop's competitors closed shops?! OMG I wonder where those customers went, oh yeah, they went to gamestop =_=

Hufandpuf2781d ago

"U.S. retail sales of video-game hardware, software and accessories fell 20 percent in July to $548.4 million, researcher NPD Group Inc. said this month"

this is not a OMG Gamestop is doomed article, but judging by how many people are learning of Steam and their ridiculous sales, I wouldn't be surprised if more people transitioned to PC gaming.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2781d ago

You know, I have a pretty damn good gaming rig and I am a huge fan of PC gaming so I wouldn't mind that, HOWEVER, I simply just can't imagine that.
Reason being; I can't imagine Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo leaving the console gaming business any time soon. And with that, I can't imagine people wanting to stop keeping physical copies of games as well.

It just isn't viable(as of now), and because of that gamestop will never go out of business until it is viable.

Sure DD just may be the future, however, that doesn't necessarily mean the future is anywhere close yet.

1nsomniac2781d ago

It must be 10 years since they started saying this in the first place. Lets see what happens in another 10 years.

JBSleek2781d ago

I would hope so. Game stop runs a horrible business model which is good for their pockets yet bad for the consumer. Trade is good as long as both parties are better off yet the consumer isn't.

Either retail will die or retail will have to change their ways in order to deal with the changes and I'm sure it will be the latter.

I embrace DD as all media is pushing towards going digital I can get all my media in one place and storage is so cheap that it just makes sense. It may not be in ten years but I can see in twenty years that retail stores have no reason to be up anymore.

Hicken2781d ago

If you don't want those games, you're better off. It's true they're not giving you much in the way of value, but unless you trade in a game and YOU owe THEM, then you've benefited.

That aside, GameStop is far from the only retailer of video games. Any of the bigger stores- Walmart, Target- sell them, and not everybody who deals in JUST games has been bought out yet.

And a digital-only future is the worst-possible outcome for gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.