Why don’t computer games have achievements

If you like achievements you might wonder why computer games don't have them. See if you agree with me.

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Intentions2781d ago

Some games support achievements on steam :)

DoomeDx2779d ago

What a stupid article. =/

Wingsfan242779d ago

It's airborne gamer, what did you expect? They're the ones with the flamebait gay gamer convention article too. This is a true video game "blog" people.

Freakazoid20122779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Yeah I was going to bring up steam good point.

The one reason is that there really isnt one dedicated company you have to go through to make PC games.

Want to make a MS game? Got to abide by their rules.
Want to make a Sony game? same thing applies.

Of course if the PC was ever in a way where I had to go to any one company to buy one I'd probably pass. While I like my consoles its the open nature of the PC and that I can have it as powerful or as week as I want it to be, that I enjoy the most

@darkride, You are still on ignore and still full of BS but leave your little rant and move on.Oh and still pathetic

tachy0n2779d ago

games that support GFWL(Games for Windows Live) actually have achievements, one of those games is GTA IV...

mochachino2780d ago

I wish there was a unified achievement system for all PC games. Well, I'd actually prefer something more like trophies which distinguish between difficulty of the achievement and is not just an empty number.

Mustang300C20122779d ago

There was it was called Live for Windows which is now free. The only way for it to work is for an agreement with every company that makes games to fall under.

ChunkyLover532779d ago

Some people like Transformers, I see your more a Go-Bots kinda person.

On topic, I don't own a PC, but if I did I'd wish there were a unified Achievement system for sure.

Bigpappy2779d ago

Those aren't empty numbers. The value numbers reflect the difficulty of the achievement. Trophies simplify this, but numbers are never empty (everyone understands that 40 is more than 10). Trophies is the same as achievements, expressed in a graphical way. So talking down achievements does not change the fact that trophies ia a copy and nothing more.

mochachino2778d ago

Not when you see the aggregate number, it's just an empty number whereas platinums, golds, silvers and bronzes distinguish difficulty and number of completed games.

At least on PS3 if I get a platinum I know I got every trophy in the original game, on 360 I can get 1000 points but all the additional DLC achievement points don't allow me to reflect that I've "completed" the everything in the original (DLC free) game.

Sometimes I buy game on my PS3 just because I like trophies so much better. I'm tired of getting 1000 points and completing the game then having DLC disallow me from representing full completion - platinum trohies always ensures that a person that get all the trophies in the original game is entitled to 100% completion status.

DLC should not effect whether I have full completion of my original purchase.

360s achievement system sucks imo, they need something akin to a platinum trophy so DLC doesn't literally take away accomplishments.

DOMination-2778d ago

If you 1000g a game it shows you've competed it on the dashboard tab. People try and spin it both ways but they are all the same thing at the end of the day.

Allsystemgamer2779d ago

It's called steam....…

The uneducated baffle me...

h311rais3r2779d ago

Why are people disagreeing. Steam has achievements.

AO1JMM2779d ago

N4G does not have the brightest of trolls.

ThanatosDMC2779d ago

Probably the author and the peeps who approved this fiction.

DOMination-2778d ago

Steam has them but unless im mistaken, you can't compare them nor do they even show up on your profile. So whilst nice to have, many people will see them as pointless if they can't properly compete. (i might be wrong though)

mochachino2778d ago

So what BF3 achievements do you have on Steam...

Again, a unified, ubiquitous achievement system on PC would be great.

GribbleGrunger2779d ago

Well you have Achievements for 360, Trophies for PS3 and Ego for PC

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The story is too old to be commented.