AAA Wii U Games to be Shown Next Month?

Just months away from launch, gamers are starting to wonder where all the Wii U details are. Well, from what we heard today, a lot of good stuff is coming next month.

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remanutd552786d ago

oh my god its getting interesting, can't wait to see what those games are about.

Hisiru2786d ago

I hope I won't be disappointed :(

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Nice! But they better not look like that screen shot. If that is AAA for them then sigh.. I want to see new Hardcore AAA IP's!

ChunkyLover532786d ago

Looking forward to a confirmation of launch titles, I'll need to know how much to set aside.

3-4-52786d ago

What I would love to see revealed :

1.) JRPG we have yet to hear about. As in, it's been secretly in development and they will unveil it to us.

Whoever is the first to release a 8/10 JRPG or better will have a HUGE start for the next generation.

Not just for Nintendo, but then also bringing those titles over to the PS4 /xbox 720 when they become available.

How don't Dev's see this ?

IWentBrokeForGaming2786d ago

I personally am keeping my excitement reserved until they show more fresh expierences outside of their traditional ilk!

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