'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' 3D support halves frame rate

The feature, which was announced at gamescom for both Xbox 360 and PS3, will drop the frame rate from 60 frames per second down to 30.

"When we were developing the 3DS version of Tekken, one of the selling points was that it was still in 60 frames per second while it was in 3D," game director Katsuhiro Harada said.

"Obviously for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 it's tagged, so you've got four characters on screen at once. It's very heavy on the graphical engine. The frame rate is divided by two because of the left and right side, so it drops to 30 frames.

"There are some good parts to that. For example, if you turn on 3D it's easier to judge the space in between yourself and walls and such, or see the techniques and how they're moving their motions and such."

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Gran Touring2786d ago

To be expected. Most console games that run at 60 frames often half them for 3d.