Risen 2: Dark Waters Review | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Risen 2 unfortunately just doesn’t do enough right to justify re-visiting the world of the Inquisition and the Titans. The story has been crafted in a poor manner with badly thought out dialogue and not enough likeable characters; but at least it can be said that it is an original mix. Visually the game just won’t match up to modern expectations for a game of the genre and immediately make the title unappealing to look at.

Those who liked the game world and the mix of cultural influences from the first Risen game might like to step back into that world, but sadly newcomers will probably be left a little confused by the odd mix. There is a lot to do, some deep customisation and role-playing options in regards to upgrades and skills and lots of questing to venture forth on, but unfortunately the fact remains that only the most enthusiastic RPG gamers should apply for this one."

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