Treyarch hopes Black Ops 2 multiplayer changes will make Call of Duty a team game again

Eurogamer: The developer has replaced Kill Streaks with Score Streaks, and to unlock them you need to gain score, granted for kills and team-benefiting actions. It's also implemented a new skill-based matchmaking system called League Play that will see players promoted and relegated into divisions for competitive play.

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Subzero2002788d ago

i wonder how long this will work.

DeadlyFire2788d ago

Well in EA's first attempt to battle CoD they have made them want team based gameplay. That's pretty impressive.

Jdub895O2788d ago

EA's first attempt?You dont mean battlefield right?

DeadlyFire2788d ago

I know damn. Its older than CoD, but I mean to kill MW sales.

ab5olut10n2788d ago

only if they change who plays it. I KID I KID!

Intentions2788d ago

Just curious, which CoD was team based?

CoD 4? Waw? etc etc

unchartedxplorer2788d ago

Call Of Duty? A team game? It seems that call of duty is planning to get more team based and battlefield is planning on getting more lone-wolf based

Zha1tan2788d ago

team games are severely overatted.

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The story is too old to be commented.