Medal of Honor Warfighter sets its sights on eSports

Medal of Honor Warfighter wants to be taken seriously as an eSports title with the intro of 6v6 Home Run mode. Will it be successful in knocking off a title like Call of Duty?

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Hashman2776d ago

Only time will tell! But I am quite keen to see how it turns out

Choc_Salties2776d ago

I'm hoping they get it right, right out the door, with proper spectactor / shoutcaster mode as along with decreased randomness and exlcusion of fluff as required, or at least make it thus so that it can be tuned - obviously without breaking the game like it can happen in the likes of CoD / CSS

DesVader2776d ago

I can kick myself for not asking about the spectator mode! I agree, as I said in the article - if this doesn't have a spectator mode, its really not going to work for eSports. Learn the lesson from Battlefield 3.

HanCilliers2776d ago

This is gonna be interesting, I do believe it has a vg shot at eSports

granthinds2774d ago

I wonder if it's actually going to take off. The CoD and BF communities are rather entrenched.