4 Cinematic Innovations Inspired by Video Games

Have you ever played a video game and seen something so strikingly familiar to something that you saw in a film? Or otherwise had some obnoxious writer tell you instances in which games have blatantly “copied” ideas from films? Well if not, here’s a few to get the ball rolling.

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wishingW3L2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

come on... Matrix came out in 1999, I don't think that for the time video games had the tech to recreate bullet-time during gameplay. The PS2 wasn't even out yet! If anything, video games took from The Matrix movies and Matrix took from anime.

The shaky cam first person view has nothing to do with FPS, it was The Blair With Project which started that and many movies before it made use of it too but not to the same extend.

And the other 2 are stupidly irrelevant.

coolbeans2782d ago

The writer didn't come off as if he was dogging video games for using bullet time. That's just introductory fluff to mention a few instances where cinema has influenced games.

FinaLXiii2782d ago

Matrix...ermm never seen a John Woo movie before?

Matrix made bullet-time popular but Max Payne´s bullet time inspiration comes from movies like Hard Boiled and Hard Target.