Shuhei Yoshida interview: can Vita Tearaway?

VG247: Sony went to gamescom with the express purpose of showing Vita has a future, but delivered so much more. Shuhei Yoshida, head of Worldwide Studios for PlayStation, spoke to Patrick Garratt in Cologne.

fastrez4300d ago

PS Vita seems like it will have a resurgence following gamescom. Really keen on Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary

Aggesan4300d ago

yeah, Tearaway and Killzone were the stars of the show.

remanutd554300d ago

well Mr President from a gamer perspective i think it would be really, really good to put others ELITE studios to do what Mm and GG are doing ( have a small team to develop psvita games) i want to the see the likes of Sucker Punch, Quantic Dream, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Sony Santa Monica, EVolution Studios and others to create new original IPs on the little system, they are big studios and they can afford to work on psvita and ps4 projects at the same time.

chrisarsenalsavart4300d ago

the issue right now, is sony,s preparing ps4 launch. And as you all may know, Most first party studios have already split their team in order to provide gsmes for ps3 and ps4.(naughtydog,suckerpunch,sa ntamonica,guerilla..)
I don,t think they have enough resources to work on 3 project at the same time.


Sony Says The PS5 Is Its “Most Profitable Generation To-Date"

During Sony’s recent business segment meeting and investor presentation regarding its game and network services, the PlayStation company revealed that PlayStation 5 is the company’s “most profitable generation to-date.”

It’s the top slide of the presentation, showing that in its first four years, the PS5 generation has already hit $106 billion in sales, having almost caught up to the PS4’s total $107 billion generated.

Operating income for the PS5 generation has also already surpassed that of the PS4, having now reached $10 billion.

ApocalypseShadow7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I wouldn't doubt it. They released a high quality system. A lot of high quality games from themselves and their support of 3rd party developers and indies. They released many high quality remakes and remasters. They released a high quality GaaS game going against the naysayers thinking Sony would abandon single player games. And they most likely are profiting a lot more than PS1, PS2 PS4 and the loss leading PS3 that drained all their profits.

Now, I'll wait to see what's cooking tomorrow. But can you use some of those profits to better support your high quality VR headset? Because, by supporting it, you can sell more games and more systems and make more profits?

jznrpg7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I want RPGs for PSVR2! Good ones of course

shinoff21836h ago

If it had some rpgs I would buy right fking now. It looks dope and alot of fun, but it's biggest game resident evil 4(maybe) I've got no interest in. I'm not a fan of racing games, even with that metro game coming i was never much into that series. Rpgs would be fantastic.

MrNinosan3h ago

Lemme know if ya wanna play some Zenith 🙌
Bought it at release, but haven't played it more than 1-2 hours but for sure on my "todo list".

Cacabunga3h ago

Normal when they released mostly cross gen games so far. That’s a lot of money saved..
We haven’t seen what PS5 can do yet. 4years in and PS4 games still look great to me. The gen leap isn’t quite there yet.

--Onilink--5h ago

The interesting metric for me is the $106billion in operating income/profit (not sales as mentioned in the article) reaching the same as the PS4 did with only half the consoles sold.

In particular because they all are supposed to be making the most per hardware sold after a few years when manufacturing costs are down.

So even putting inflation aside(and the higher console price), it is interesting that they could reach PS4 $ with just half the consoles sold.

Maybe there is more to the metric thats whats seen at face value, but they have clearly been making a lot more money than before on the software side (with also less games released I suppose, given its only been half the generation so far)

VersusDMC4h ago

The bulk of the money has to be coming from the 30% cut on all games and microtransactions. Especially on all the free to play juggernauts like genshin, apex, fortnight, etc.

--Onilink--2h ago(Edited 2h ago)


They are definitely making a lot on that for sure (which the $70 price increase factors into as well), but its not like many of those games werent around for the PS4 too.

They might be counting the gen as a whole and not just PS5 itself (so extra profit from PC sales, whatever that may be)

PS+ price increase and different tiers probably amount to part of that too.

But in general, its still quite a surprising metric. Half the time, half the consoles sold, less first party games released so far and still already making more of a profit than last gen is quite something, and as mentioned, there is probably more to it that we dont know, after all, since we are talking about operating income, all the expenses they have also factor into it, so it is also possible that they have found ways to significantly reduce that + all the means of increased revenue that appear to be factoring into the equation

All in all, just an interesting situation from a business perspective

porkChop1h ago

It's for the whole generation, so it would likely be including PC. They also make much more profit on digital sales vs retail, and digital is far more prominent these days. The generation also started at the height of COVID when everyone was home, spending far more money on gaming/hobbies. It makes a lot of sense for this gen to be more profitable.

Abnor_Mal6h ago

This will surely shut up all the new trolling accounts trying to spread lies and non facts in other articles comment sections before this article is posted.

Hofstaderman5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Obscurely, those trolls or troll will not show in these articles as the truth is contradictory to his or their orchard-sized daily dose of copium and hopium.

Tacoboto5h ago

Or... They're intentionally trolling you guys specifically. Because they know it upsets you so easily.

Name-dropping Orchard, after this many months? How long has it been and he's still in your thoughts?

Elda5h ago(Edited 4h ago)

I'm quite sure the individual is reading these positive comments downvoting & seething at the same time. Edit: It just downvoted my comment...lol!!

Hofstaderman4h ago

No I'm entertained by this individual. I love unhinged people, they are so interesting lol.

Marvellepus4h ago

lol Tacoboto is right, this dude still talking about Orchard.

Dude hasn’t been on N4G for over a year and is still living in your head rent free

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repsahj5h ago

Wow! I am super impressed that in just 4 years, ps5 already caught up to the PS4's. Congratulations.

sagapo5h ago

Not really surprised as Sony barely has any competition at the moment.