Darksiders II Review - The Digital Fix

The original Darksiders was critically acclaimed but sadly got a bit of bum deal, having performed poorly at retail. Effortlessly mixing God of War style combat with the adventuring of The Legend of Zelda it really should have sold more, luckily this did not deter Vigil Games and to their credit the money men at THQ. War, one of the four horseman of the apocalypse began the end of days on Earth or at least that is what they’d like us to think - if you haven’t played the original, pick it up for a tenner as it is a great game and will only enhance your enjoyment of this sequel. Players of the original know full well that all is not what it seems and enter stage left Death, brother of War, riding to the aid of his brother. Can the game be as good as the original and this time actually do well at retail, ultimately (as some have reported) save THQ from their end of days?

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AO1JMM2776d ago

Darksiders 2 is an awesome game. Glad I purchased the game on Steam.