What we learnt from the new GTA V screens

MMGN: Three new Grand Theft Auto V screens equates to more excitement than any grown man should experience from looking at a few pictures on a computer screen, but that doesn't mean we won’t leer and fantasise about what could be.

NO! What will be. Here’s what we saw in the three new GTA V screens released today.

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Dee_912782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

i just like ... learnt something
me & and this article have something in common

claud32782d ago

Nice, but wait and see what else is offered. New screens, info and trailer 2 release date

unchartedxplorer2782d ago

I'm hoping a hiker to be the protagonist. I don't really want to be playing an old guy in the game. Can't imagine weightlifting with him.

black9112782d ago

It's going to be limited by the 360 once again.

tachy0n2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

and PS3.....

damn fanboys....
the PS3 and XBOX360 have almost the same power.....

take a look at this:

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