Final Fantasy Turns 25 - A Celebration of One of the Most Important Game Series

Gaming Update's CM Boots-Faubert takes a look at the 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy game series, with a special emphasis upon the upcoming special events and the special swag being released to celebrate the event.

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CommonSense2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I'm sorry, but uh..what exactly makes this franchise important? It's archaic.

It might be a popular franchise (even though out of the 17+ games, maybe 2 or 3 are worth playing), but it's hardly important.

EDIT: instead of just disagreeing, how about explaining it to me? What makes this franchise important? Nobody is out there trying to emulate it. The MMOs are a joke. 13, was so linear and boring that i've only met one person who's ever completed it. So please, explain to me how FF VII (and maybe X) is somehow still relevant enough to make the entire franchise important.

torchic2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

so Square makes two, mabye three "bad" Final Fantasy games in recent history games and then suddenly the other 17+ games are suddenly discredited? you may not like them but guess what buddy millions of other people do.

that's why I disagreed. and by the way nobody HAS to give a reason why they disagreed. if we don't like your opinion then tough. deal with it.

blitz06232781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Wow are you like 8 years old?
Hardly important? As bad as Square is today, they still made some of the greatest games out there and they basically introduced JRPGs to North America. The FF franchise is even bigger than most other franchises today - maybe even the biggest out of all. 25 years they've lasted - and when you talk about FF a lot of people, even non gamers know about it. So again, I have no idea why you're saying it's not important. Only an idiot would say that.

You want to talk about importance, PS3 owners today are hoping Versus XIII will be great. 360-only owners won't admit it, but they also want Versus on their console. That's how important the franchise is. There's still a lot of expectations even after FFXIII. Even a remake of FFVII is still talked about every now and then.

It's people like you who hate on Square tremendously that proves how important the FF franchise is. If it wasn't important, nobody would care that FFXIII was such a terrible game, but alas, FF games have made a name for themselves.

greyhaven332781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

It's important for me because 7, 8, 9, 10 and online with 11 have been some of my favorite experiences with any media to date. I'm replaying 8 right now and it hasn't lost any of its charm

Edward752781d ago

I can tell you 1 major thing that this franchise did for all gamers, especially those in the United States, it opened many people to the RPG genre with 7. If you were a gamer then, you would not be able to say anything against ff7 and how it changed gaming. Besides the cg cutscenes nothing was ever put out on such a grand scale, this was also a drawing point that sucked in many non RPG gamers. Until this point many RPGs only had very small sprite characters to look at, FF as a series changed all of that. People who were only sports or platformer players were finally able to see some type of value in an RPG. Lastly, because of how well the series sold from 7 on, it usher'd in new games that never would've saw the light in the US... It really showed companies that big money could be made by an RPG if done right.

This is just a small, small bit of what FF has done for gaming. If you still think this franchise is not important, I have many other things I could tell you about

Oh this is for you mr. Commonsense!

LightofDarkness2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

VII is regarded as a pretty big milestone in videogame storytelling. FFX was a very ambitious project, being almost fully voice-acted, which was also a noticeable leap forward. FFIV, before VII, was also regarded as a generational leap in story-telling. So basically, they set a bar for storytelling for 3 generations straight. That's an indelible impact, which most certainly solidifies its importance to gaming's history and possibly its future.

It introduced me to RPGs as a genre (starting with IV), which is now my favourite kind of game, and it has done the same for millions the world over.

And NOBODY is trying to emulate it? How about almost every JRPG since Final Fantasy IV has tried to emulate it in some way. Even the Elder Scrolls series still uses the skill-based progression system introduced in FF.

I get it, you don't like Final Fantasy, but trying to downplay its importance to gaming is simply ignorant or trolling.

Capt-FuzzyPants2781d ago

Final Fantasy has no doubt inspired a lot of game designers and changed a lot of people's lives. And the MMO's aren't a joke FF11 is regarded as one of the best MMo's out there and FF14 is turning things around very well. They set a standard for story telling in games, and they always set a bar graphically. Say what you want about 13, but it no doubt was a fine looking game. Any franchise that has sustained itself for 25 years has obviously impacted a lot of people over many generations. And pretty much every FF is good. 13 may not have been good in FF standards, but it wasn't a bad game. Even if you don't like the games because they don't appeal to you, you have to have some sort of respect for it because if FF wasn't around at least one of the games you've played wouldn't even exist or would be vastly different, and I say that without a doubt in my mind.

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hennessey862781d ago ShowReplies(2)
Protagonist2781d ago

An English language localization of Final Fantasy Type-0 was hinted a while ago. I hope it still is the making so we at least play the PSP version on our PSVITA.

abzdine2781d ago

not that important anymore... for me at least!

wishingW3L2781d ago

same here and FF was my bread & butter. ;_;

abzdine2781d ago

i'm the guy who finished every FF 100% and I really had no choice but stop playing this franchise with FF13. Despite beautiful graphics the way they made the game as a whole really didn't match my needs and expectations.
Let's see with the next one but i'm not having high hopes.

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