Gamedaily: Rez HD Review - Treat yourself and your Xbox 360 to this musical masterpiece

Robert Workman of Gamedaily writes, Tetsuya Mizguchi's Rez (which first debuted for the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast), blends music/rhythm gaming with a psychedelic presentation and fun shooting action. It didn't do well commercially, but that didn't stop Q Entertainment from reaching out to a whole new audience with an Xbox Live Arcade version. This isn't just a straight-up port, however – Rez HD is a superior version that demands attention.

This time, Rez comes in glorious high definition. It moves at a blistering sixty frames per second, without loss of detail or a hint of slowdown. The bosses look much better as well. While you're battling the computer mainframe at the end of level three, you'll gaze in wonder at the glow emitting from its laser cannons. Don't stare too long, though – they're lethal.

Although it'll take you a few hours to beat the main quest, Rez has plenty of extras. Along with the option to choose between Rez HD and the original game, you also earn access to other modes. The game also lets you plug in three additional controllers for "Trance Vibration" support, in case you aren't feeling enough pounding through your hands. Other hidden features are unlockable as well, but we'll leave them for you to discover.

For 800 points ($10), you get a game that, at one point in time, was selling for $100 on Ebay. Do yourself a favor and invest in Q Entertainment's latest masterpiece. You'll love it.

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